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  1. why are you linking me songs?
  2. oh no. i'm so sorry. I will introduce myself and post it in the correct section. i did not get a welcome pm though. *EDIT: just went to the link you provided, and also the New Member Introduction thread, i lack sufficient privileges to post in those areas though. This is the only place that seems to allow me to make a post which is why i posted here initially New Member Introductions thread
  3. Hi guys, I had a Sennheiser HD595 for many years and that was an okay headphone and I've used it for 8 maybe close to 10 years now, but now that I'm beginning to learn musical instruments and starting to appreciate music for fully, I'm in the market for a set of new headphone and was hoping if anyone could perhaps point me in the right direction or better yet, give me a few recommendations. The headphone's usage will be primarily for home listening. The range of music will be predominately classical & flamenco guitar (acoustic), piano, and sometimes jazz, blues, progressive rock, ambient, electronic (lol i guess i listed pretty much all the genres here) but the focus will be piano and classical/flamenco guitar. Do genres even matter? or are some headphones better suited for certain type of music? In addition, would it be better to get an open-back rather than a close-back headphone? I guess one bonus of having the open-back is that if i am playing guitar with a backing track through the headphone, the process will be more enjoyable as I will be able to hear the music not separately and sealed off in my ears but together naturally?!?! Price range: would prefer to be around or below the $200 range, but opened to options in $300 range. * I know that Beyerdynamic DT 770 is quite popular among electronic music producers and a friend of mine even recommended that to me; it's also within my price range as well, but is that a headphone that's more suitable as a studio headphone as it's more flat? or is it fantastic for music listening as well? Thanks in advance!