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  1. On 4/26/2021 at 3:24 AM, kevin gilmore said:

    makes no sense to make this a diy kit. the main board is more than 200 components on both sides of the board. The board house wants about $60 to assemble this board.

    no one i know can hand stuff that board for $60. The dac board is likely going to use the ess chip which has nda agreements associated with it. So no gerber files or schematics either.  Still should be much cheaper than the d10 or kse1500.

    If this will be a product to sell, could there be a version for Shure kse? and also a version of analog in only?

    When I use the SRM D10, I will use the analog in only most of the time for saving battery.

    People always say the KSA amp from Shure was bad. I am interested how far my kse iem can go 😁

    Plus the battery in KSA amp die every year from my experience...

  2. I have HD700 and I love it. One advantage I found for HD700 than the HD6 serious is easier to pair with amp.

    Although it is not difficult to find a amp matching HD6 serious, the high will sound unreal when pairing a wrong amp (like the HDVDs)

    Also, I think HD700's bass is better.


    The main difference between the 2 will be tonarity. HD6 serious has a unique color that will make HD700 sound dull when comparing them side by side. Other than that, the quality of sound for HD700 will be better.

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