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  1. At least some good news here🥰 Thanks!
  2. If this will be a product to sell, could there be a version for Shure kse? and also a version of analog in only? When I use the SRM D10, I will use the analog in only most of the time for saving battery. People always say the KSA amp from Shure was bad. I am interested how far my kse iem can go 😁 Plus the battery in KSA amp die every year from my experience...
  3. WOW!!! Can't wait to see the final circuit and build it!
  4. I have HD700 and I love it. One advantage I found for HD700 than the HD6 serious is easier to pair with amp. Although it is not difficult to find a amp matching HD6 serious, the high will sound unreal when pairing a wrong amp (like the HDVDs) Also, I think HD700's bass is better. The main difference between the 2 will be tonarity. HD6 serious has a unique color that will make HD700 sound dull when comparing them side by side. Other than that, the quality of sound for HD700 will be better.
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