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  1. Porgam, hahahaha! FOTM stuff annoys me, I wait till stuff is out and the fapping has passed. If the Pico is still well recieved by March and the backlog cleared I'll try it more than likely. Need something for the Fujitsu U810 to make it a portable lossless solution. Still using an original Sonica for USB out, unless a Predator would be better
  2. Been lurking for a bit around here, nice counterpoint to the crap over at HF. I have a Xin SuperMacro 1 from late 2005. Ordered it and had it in a week, I would not send it back for upgrades if it took longer than a week. I have heard the SM 3 and it didn't sound any better than the one I had, just different. It had more full lower end bass and a bit more round on the highs. Whereas my SM 1 is more analytical and flat. The practice of no contact for 10 months is horrible and shows that he doesn't care whether they buy the amps or not since he has a long backlog of willing lemmings. I li
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