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  1. I had no idea I was dropping a kilovolt and a small amount of current near both sides of my head!
  2. Hmm okay, that seems like a huge amount of voltage swing for just the audio signal- I had no idea that I was dropping a kilovolt of power near both sides of my head. Spooky Even spookier that the Isophase have metal grilles on both sides that are connected to ground, and I can feel little bits of static if I touch both ears to the bare metal. Probably some caps need replacing... It's actually a wonder that the self biasing adapters can step things up enough to work from just the speaker taps. Amazing. It's not very safe these days because amplifiers are rated much higher than in the er
  3. I don't have a ton to add to this thread, but I wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate the wealth of information available here. I haven't posted anything, but I've been lurking and working on my own stuff behind the scenes for some time. I helped another user off audiokarma by fixing his dead Superex pep-74 adapter, and I bought Spritzer's Stanton Isophase Mk3 wayy back, which had a bunch of issues that I was able to identify and repair (there are more to tackle, but I haven't bothered spending the cash on them yet). They sit proudly on top of my amplifier. Couldn't have done it
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