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  1. They are here... guess it’s time to put up or shut up?
  2. Thank you Helium, found them and they are on the way. Hope i can get started this week.
  3. Ohhhh that makes sense, I guess my lack of experience is showing, thank you??
  4. Looking for the last parts on the BOM, this one says back ordered till January anybody using a substitute or know where i can find some: 1n4007 625-1n4007gp-e3/54 1.0 Amp 1000 VoltVishay Rectifiers https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/vishay/1n4007gp-e3-54/?qs=N4vtoAxH%2fSroP3EzTqv8Nw%3d%3d&countrycode=US&currencycode=USD and this one says March: .1uf/50v 80-c324c104j5r5ta Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - Leaded 50volts 0.1uF 5% X7R https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/KEMET/C324C104J5R5TA?qs=cxy41lVAGV93OCTUVZDn7w%3D%3
  5. Nothing wrong with the boards in the pics, and yes they are the new ones Kevin posted a few weeks ago. I picked up this set from a user on Head-Fi. Excited to get them and get started -James
  6. Yes i would second that, i read through this thread twice and having those early pictures would be great. My new boards should be here in a week or so and i can finally begin... I probably could have started with the old ones but why not spend more money... lol -James Here are pics
  7. I like it, i'll make something similar, thank you JoaMatt
  8. FYI: The guy on headfi (kytuphicanh) that bought my chassis and board set from just sent me this: I’ve just finalized a 2018 version of the T2 boards with Kevin Gilmore. Some small errors fixed, silkscreen edited here and there, a bit easier to work on (slimmer, less copper thickness), rounded corners. Going to order a small batch soon, if you are interested in for back up, let me know, I will squeeze in for you. They come in red this time though. I was already going to order a new set with GeorgeP, are these the same ones you will be doing? And i'm assuming he is talking about the
  9. Thank you Whitigir, much appreciated, there is one other part i was having track down: I need 4 Bridge rectifier, part number 512-kbu4m but it appears to be obsolete as well, would part number 512-GBU4M be okay? The specs are pretty similar... But i didn't want to assume... After that i just need to find the screws and wait for a few backorder items on mouser and i think that is it...
  10. Thank you JoaMat i looked up that MK-168 going to order one its not very expensive... Yes i wondered about sourcing some new parts, like for instance, the six 680uF/450v i need for the power supply, the part number on the original BOM is no longer available, could i substitute with these ones 594-MAL225957681E3: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/594-MAL225957681E3 Also for the op27, i'm not sure which ones are the right ones to get... My BOM says allied electronics and has a part number of 630-0741 but i can't seem to find that? Is there a newer part number i can use on mouse or a
  11. I shrunk the images so they would fit the limit here: 2sa1486 2sc3381 2sc375, looks like i have three different kinds? 2sj79 2sk216 2sk46 So what do you all think? did i get screwed, are the pics bad, i can look up how to link to the full res ones tomorrow if so... thanks for any help
  12. I will i'll get some pics up later tonight, thank you all
  13. Yes I'm a bit worried about the sand as well, he said he tested them, but considering the source everything is suspect now.. I purchased the DY294 tester, was going to run through all of them before even attempting to solder... would that be a good way to be sure? I remember reading there was another way to test them with a much more expensive device, I'll be rereading those posts as well. Of course i was also going to visual inspect each of them, compare them to the pics I've seen on this thread and in this forum to make sure they are real... Also, it seems my board is the smaller one wi
  14. Ouch well maybe if i build a second one it won't be such a loss, and I won't be going to someone that scammed a bunch... Brazilnut is pretty sure the guy i'm talking to is really Tran... I guess he has told him different stories in the past... Lesson learned, i should have posted on here before ordering on headfi, i guess i didn't expect you all to be so helpful about a 10 year old project, really appreciate it... Now If only my work life would slow down so i can focus on whats really important :):)
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