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  1. Never had one of those so I'm not sure.
  2. Yup, we expect it by the end of the day. K'thx'by!!!
  3. I was pulling the MSB out of my system and here is inside one of the dac modules. The cover was simply soldered in place which the Metcal simply laughed at...
  4. The Marantz is one of the worst OEM Stax sets. The Magnavox was much better and naturally, they aren't Stax compatible. Both the pinout and the diaphragm specs are incompatible...
  5. Yeah the SE-1000 would be awesome!!
  6. That thing is all class. I wonder what something like this would cost today with the crazy gold prices.
  7. Now where is the picture of that gold plated Single Power amp....
  8. The arc's are slightly different between different versions. So 1977 vs. 1982 etc. The Gamma arc's are also slightly different but will work for the Lambdas.
  9. Liquid Shit if you will...
  10. Ok.... I'll admit that was funny.
  11. Bob does love his LCD-4's so I'm not surprised by the findings but as for the amps, what AMB unit is that? M3? Could be very close to the Deckard in terms of performance.
  12. Let's not talk about the 60's PCB's...
  13. Hehe good point...
  14. I have a few old arc's that have been salvaged from headphones which were too far gone but that's the only ones I know about. The cable issue is far worse though as they often see so much abuse.
  15. I don't think many would agree on that...