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  1. The Quick is great and Weller is trash now. See the EEVBlog review of one which had no fuse for some reason...
  2. Here are some pics of the amplifier modules: ...and the back: '+ The model1 by comparison: Same shit slightly beefed up.
  3. I want to try one but the amps in these are pure garbage. I found some nice Also funny...this was supposed to be "cheap" tech.
  4. I haven't seen it yet but it is on the list. The rest is indeed apartments and the bakery is just on the ground floor.
  5. Yup, it is there in the on right side of the white buildings in the center.
  6. I just put a new cable on my second set (beause reasons) and I do like them a lot. I also ripped apart one set to examine the drivers and a lot of effort went into these. Bunch of custom molded parts though the stators themselves are PCB.
  7. Yeah, word on the street is that people are not happy with this pile of fail. Color me surprised...
  8. You can get a clean bench which are for instance used to repair hard drives and other sensitive equipment.
  9. I would guess so as well. There is not a whole lot of mass there so it would heat up quickly and no doubt damage the mylar. What a shame...
  10. Soldering to the bias ring... not cool at all.
  11. It is possible but you really have to take them out of the small housing and glue them together. This is due to the internal angle of the Sigma housing and how close the drivers sit to that side. Now doing this is very tricky but can be done.
  12. ...so Grado's?
  13. I'd like to know what they were smoking when doing that input trace... clearly needs more vias...
  14. I have one of those and it is ok but the screen is kinda bad and so is the resolution
  15. The undersized 175K resistors aren't a great idea so I'd have 1/2W units there.
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