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  1. Isn't that always the case? It's all about the lube...
  2. Happy Birthday little one!!
  3. Given the garbage that is their other products...an Egmont? Seriously, high gain tubes, AC coupled but with a DC coupled output stage and horribly overpriced like the rest of their shit?
  4. The newer driver. The "gold" applies to both black and white units as the original SR-5's had silver plates.
  5. The SR-Omega pads are custom made to my specs, not something you can just find.
  6. Happy Birthday my friend!!
  7. I've always wanted to go to a hamfest...
  8. I forget which pads but I bought a pile of them two years ago. Just look on ebay by the size and you should find some. I just bought the amp so I dunno but it will be first shipped to Kevin so expect silly high res pictures soon. What I'm hearing through the mafia is not good though but I'll wait for it to arrive. I also bought a 100V amp on purpose so that we would know if it could be rewired. If Stax are being assholes then I'll just install a new transformer. Hell then I could actually regulate the PSU...
  9. There are also similar pads on ebay which work much better than the old Stax stuff. In other news, I just bought the first T8000 to hit the used market. Used for a couple of hours and then sold...yeah bodes well for the new flagship...
  10. He will have it soon.
  11. Yeah, I'll do some further testing with the insulation tester tomorrow. I have the Uni-T UT-512 and who knew Uni-T made something usable? Their meters are just garbage but this is kinda nice. It does complain a bit at 2500V but nothing too serious.
  12. I think that might be true. I'm having some truly bizarre issues with an old Stax amp and let's just say that it put 120VAC on the chassis. I connect a source and boom!! I got a slight tingle but that's it.
  13. Metcal for life.
  14. Blowing it all up is half the fun. One amp recently tried to kill me which is less fun but still enjoyable...
  15. Yeah, they should be. I think it was only the SRM-1 where there are major differences between the Mk1 and the Mk2. Really two different amps.