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  1. It's been too long since I've had one here to be but sure but here is the schematic:
  2. The 009BK was always the TOTL unit so they might just be moving to that direction. For me they were always the best 009's by a mile too
  3. It is pretty much impossible to find the split volume controls but the quad RK27 pots are out there and they are a drop in replacement. You will need a new knob for it though.
  4. The XLR mod doesn't change anything really, if there is a sonic improvement it really depends on the source if the different outputs are handled differently. The XLR just doubles the input voltage (though that is not set in stone either). To do the mod, just remove the resistor which grounds the gate of one half of the input fet and copy what's on the other gate.
  5. If you have some transformers floating around, it would be simple enough to make a cheap linear supply to try out. Add some beefy caps in a CRC or CLC setup...
  6. Shorting due to the flux becoming conductive over the years?
  7. The mains traces are pretty close together and close to the output on the bottom so you might run into issues with that. I would at minimum move them to the other side of the board and add slots to further isolate them.
  8. Why Stax does anything... is always up for debate but now they have gone into full bastard mode with 100V only transformers being sold in Japan. Not impossible to swap out the transformers but an utter pain.
  9. Yup, pull it out and set it to 117V and it will work perfectly. Also, top tip... remove that 100V sticker and see what is underneath...
  10. I've never seen a T1 or T1S without the voltage selector. Have you removed the bottom panel and looked?
  11. I have my own custom made teflon ones in stock but not listed on my site.
  12. Yup, adding capacitance is always a bad idea.
  13. Yeah, the used prices are pretty nuts.
  14. I also like the plastic stick on bumpers on the electrolytic caps so they don't short to the bottom panel...
  15. I was sent this and it was posted on SBAF so one can expect the level of discourse over there: There is so much here that I don't even know where to start. First off, they claim this circuit is "unique"...well it isn't. Old as the hills this one, same as the old TubeCad stuff, the Rudistor amps, the prototype Schiit built, that Trilogy H1 piece of shit and I've been building similar amps for the last 15 years. Stax also released something similar in the 60's so no...not unique. The amp circuit is simple and works well enough for a cheap amp so nothing wrong with that. I
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