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  1. I have my own custom made teflon ones in stock but not listed on my site.
  2. Yup, adding capacitance is always a bad idea.
  3. Yeah, the used prices are pretty nuts.
  4. I also like the plastic stick on bumpers on the electrolytic caps so they don't short to the bottom panel...
  5. I was sent this and it was posted on SBAF so one can expect the level of discourse over there: There is so much here that I don't even know where to start. First off, they claim this circuit is "unique"...well it isn't. Old as the hills this one, same as the old TubeCad stuff, the Rudistor amps, the prototype Schiit built, that Trilogy H1 piece of shit and I've been building similar amps for the last 15 years. Stax also released something similar in the 60's so no...not unique. The amp circuit is simple and works well enough for a cheap amp so nothing wrong with that. I
  6. As it sits now, this will be a step down from the 252S.
  7. I love the look of that Denon amp. Class A too...
  8. There were pictures of him in a robe preaching to us mere commoners so yeah...
  9. Funny enough I was buying some din plugs for the Monolith electrostatic headphones at the local store this week. They only found the metal ones and asked why I was insisting on the all plastic units... 😂
  10. First time I heard it I wondered if Cavalli was on crack... then I saw his websites where he was a "leader of men"...
  11. It's been quite a while since somebody has come in and told us to just ignore everything even close to negative because it "sounds good". Sure, good for you but those of us who have been here a while know that was also said about other amps which turned into an absolute clusterfuck so yeah, keep that in mind. So a couple of things things, this amp doesn't swing enough voltage to really work. Even the SRM-252S has +/-250V rails and that is really the absolute minimum for this role. Only the utter dog turd that is the SRM-D10 uses +/-200V rails but then again, the off the shelf opamps i
  12. Minus bias has often been tried and well... it never works. Enough issues with electrostatics even if they aren't a magnet for dust. Next step would be a whole new output stage for that amp to minimize the output capacitance as mosfets just don't work in this role. Drop the load resistors for a CCS and the amp should perform a whole lot better.
  13. The bias supply is also the incorrect polarity and I for one would completely redo it. It has enough headroom to regulate it or do a better voltage divider and a dedicated ballast resistor on it. The output devices are also mehhh at best. Output capacitance is 106pf which means the output of the amp is higher than the headphones. The Cob should be as low as possible so this is a problem and will severely color the sound. Think Cavalli Liquid Lightning
  14. It wouldn't surprise me that this comes from JR Audio. Same crappy wiring as they use and other silly build ideas. They have also been cloning my amps in the past.
  15. This one came to an end this week as I finally got round to turning the amp on and testing it. Busy summer and all that but here is what this should have been in the first place: Old school KGSSHV build only using the input sockets on the back, that swanky gold IEC and the volume control. The rest was all garbage...
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