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  1. Hello, is it possible to replace the C6 39pF capacitors with another 33pF or 47pF ? And is it possible to replace 25.5 ohm resistances with other 24 ohm ones?
  2. Case from Aliexpress ? Please link.
  3. Than to replace diode bridge G3SBA20-E3 / 51 ?
  4. There are not such 35 pieces of Panasonic, there are only Nichicon KA, Elna RJH, Hitano EXR, ESX, EWH, EHR. Samwha SD, WB, RD.
  5. Which capacitors 1000x35 are best used in this KSA5 amplifier? Elna RJH or Nichicon KA ? Or other ?
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