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  1. With a little patience, that's enough for a 2nd hand SRM-727. That really makes that Sirrah a bad deal.
  2. I'm wondering if that plastic part fits into "old' 007 mk2, and if STAX is willing to sell them separately. billqs, could you take a few additional photos of that part and the port?
  3. If the dust screen is disintegrating, it probably high time to replace those. I found the instructions for pad I had read so far somewhat unintuitive, but luckily there's a video by STAX with a thorough demonstration how to install the EP-007: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyRZFD8yv8Q
  4. Have you tried adjusting to a linear response or any of the Harman target response curves or a variation thereof?
  5. You could still 3D-print molds and then build plugs from other elastic materials, I was thinking acrylic, sugru or silicone. Not sure if any of those are actually better than Blu-Tac. I'd buy a pair if you figure out a good material and were able to drop them off in Yaletown...
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