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  1. Well, we are in the final stages of fine tuning, of course we will be looking to send out samples to reviewers then
  2. Hi purk, we are new to the scene, but we'd like to reach the level of the JH13s one day ?
  3. Hi All, We are a group of audiophiles based in Singapore who have been tinkering around to make a pair of planar magnetic IEMs. We love the sound of planar magnetic drivers and always wondered how it would be like if we could really take that sound anywhere on the go with us. After about a year of development, we managed to create a closed planar magnetic IEM which is also lightweight enough to bring with us anywhere on the go. We would just like to make a small announcement over here to share what we have been doing with the community. Thank you! Attached is a poster we have made to just highlight some of the features of our IEMs as well as a shot of it. Thanks for looking!
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