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    KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    Hi All Thanks for advice, will definitely be careful. Am still reading about it a bit more. Have just finished reading this thread.
  2. AngelWing

    KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    Hi All what is the difference between Carbon.v5 and Carbon.v6 ? So am planning to make one on my own in near future and here is what I have gleaned till now. I need: 1. Transformer.(Specs have been mentioned here in thread) 2. 2 Golden reference HV and LV Boards 3. 2 KGSSHV Carbon boards. I have few doubts though and pardon my noobness I am new to Electrostatics amps: 1. It looks like KGSSHV is a balanced input amp. What will it require so that I can run it unbalanced? 2. This image here: https://www.head-case.org/forums/uploads/monthly_2015_12/IMG_1617.JPG.8b2de600707a2057508ca7688eae8dd6.JPG has what it seems like 7815 linear regulator and no GRLV so is GRLV really required? Ignore the shoddy wiring(will not follow it). 3. This seems to be using a GRLVDual of some sort:https://www.head-case.org/forums/uploads/monthly_2016_04/571e4255cfd2c_P_20160425_2358271.jpg.ee96baecdcf1a5953c86c401e05d2bdf.jpg is it as good as using 2 GRLV? 4. Can I keep my ODAC amp in same enclosure maybe shielded ? Is ODAC good pairing? 5. What are Opto servos? 6. Lastly a loaded question. What will be the best way to make GRLV and GRHV so as to use least amount of components and not sacrifice lots of quality? It seems there are various designs of the PSU and I would like to save some money if possible. I will have more question as I understand it more about it. Also has any one looked inside STAX D10 ? that thing looks neat being so small.