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  1. Ah it's interesting to hear your rationale on choosing the final pads. I totally understand you. The nasal sound makes the vocalist sound closer to the microphone and can be quite pleasing. Since I swap headphones quite often, the peak is more pronounced for me and hence why I've been trying to EQ all my headphones. Some good headphones I've heard have a hump in the 1-2kHz region (ie ZMF Auteur, Focal Elex/Clear, Focal Utopia, Audio-Technica ADX5000 & SendyAudio Aiva) and I'm totally fine with them. The 800-1200Hz region also isn't as steep considering that the venerated Sennheiser HD
  2. After measuring the ES-1α yesterday, I became concerned with the 1200Hz peak and went to EqualizerAPO to try to EQ out that huge peak. Here are my findings after fiddling with EQ. v1) Firstly I tried to get the 300Hz-2000Hz to my beloved HD800S as closely as possible This meant getting as much as [email protected] and [email protected] In the first few iterations, I instantly felt female vocals getting cleaner and no longer heard the nasal sound. However as I approached the set target, I instantly felt the sound quality drastically reduced. Vocals no longer sounded nasal but now sounded rathe
  3. ESLab ES-1α Measurements: (MiniDSP EARS. 500Hz 84dB normalized. All graphs use 1/12 smoothing.) (Electrostatic Rig #1: Laptop->Soncoz SGD-1->STAX SRM-T1W->MiniDSP EARS Rig #1) *Since I'm using a STAX Tube Amp (SRM-T1W) there may be some low and high frequency falloff in my measurements. Also the Right channel on my MiniDSP ears tends to measure higher bass than the Left channel. Also during measurements, I had difficulty getting the Right channel to seal properly while I had relative ease with measuring the Left channel. ESLab ES-1α (blues) vs STAX SR-507 (reds) <Raw Mea
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