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  1. Depends on the thickness of the frame, I guess. It won't make for a perfect seal, but it also won't get you to the worst-case scenario (red line on the graph)
  2. Same as above, but in picture format: SR-007 Mk1 SR-007 Mk2.9 Blu tack SR-009 SR-009S Here is how the SR-009 reacts to having a bad seal on the sides of your head (and thus 009S as well). Again, thanks to oratory1990 for his detailed testing.
  3. Want to share some measurements of a few Stax. These were measured by oratory1990 on an industry-standard GRAS 43AG rig. All but the 009S were my personal units. SR-007 MK1 SR-007A (2018 aka MK2.9 version) - with blue-tack mod SR-009 SR-009S My personal favorite without EQ was the 007 MK1, but the 009 with EQ is my favorite overall. They all become more similar than different with EQ, of course. Plus the 009 ergonomics agree more with my head More here: https://www.reddit.com/r/oratory1990/wiki/index/list_of_presets
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