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  1. Padam, some 717s have a jumper block on the inside? Now that would be nice! I'm supposed to get it today so I'll look Thanks for the response
  2. Are they? That was the only one I found also. I was going to try and follow it but wasn't sure they were the same Thanks for the response Thanks. I wonder if anyone on the forum has the expertise to do it
  3. Hello I am pretty new here and am seeing some really impressive knowledge on this site. I looked but did not find anything on changing the voltage from 100 to 117 on an RSM717. I saw a post on the 727 which someone also said was similar. It looked like on that, the leads were cut from the transformer and that did not look like fun to do. I can measure resistance, voltage, etc, but don't have the expertise to do what some of you guys can do. If there are step by step instruction (esp with photos) I can do it. I don't see a lot of posts that are dumbed down to that level though. I also was wondering if there are any mods to be made on a 727 that would make it a better amp. I actually was thinking about trying to change a PRO jack to a standard jack on this so I could have one for the old headphones and one for the new ones, but have no idea how to do that either, lol.
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