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  1. Anyone familiar with the quality of sound that these speakers produce. What their cost was when they first hit the market place ? DBX-1A's
  2. Replacing ear pads is alcohol the best solution to remove old glue ? H ave the new ones already. Anyone reading this perhaps someone might know where I can get a Drive Belt for Stax Quatro CD Player, circa 1984 ? A company who carries a generic replacement? All help and guidance will be greatly appreciated!!Happy New Year to all, and keep safe out there this isn't political just deadly !!! Peace/Out....And I'll raise a glass to an international mandate with penalties in order to have face masks worn by all until this is under control. Give me liberty or give me death, not over a freakin face m
  3. Looking for Drive Belt for STAX QUATRO CDP, CD Player. If anyone out there can help me acquire this part I will be in your debt. I don't have a part number. Steer me in the right direction we gladly be appreciated!! DGK425
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