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  1. Wow! You guys ROCK. Awsome! I'm an old newbie as far as headphones go. Never liked headphone sound until trying the Stax last year. Now I'm in the middle of building a 450v KGSSHV for my L700 and dreaming of the 009mk2 or 007mk2? I will Definately be a starter for your portable amp. Due to several health provider slip ups I now have permanent health issues so headphones are more suited. Pity I live in New Zealand so can't sue them. If I lived in the States I could have sued and would be able to afford the best system­čĄ¬. Actually I'm very happy to live here. New Zealand is an awsome country and fingers crossed no Covid at present. Seeing your progress with this amp really gives me something to look forward to. Well done. Keep safe n well. All the very best from down under. Cheers! Tony.
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