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  1. Recoated the diaphragm, reassembled and the issue persisted. Took apart the headphone plug and found the hose clamp shorting all 5 outer pins. Even without the hose clamp, all 3 wires to one ear are shorted together. Wired the driver straight to the energiser board and, sure enough, it sounds wonderful! Time to make a nice replacement cable. The old driver sounds noticeably worse than the one I re-coated, so still a massive thanks to spritzer for the tip. Pissed off that I ignored that 1) troubleshoot the easiest and most obvious bits first; and 2) electronics is the science of contacts (as the old Russian saying goes).
  2. Afternoon all, Picked up a bargain on a pair of SR3s (original, not new version) with an SRD-5. They are pretty nasty and have clearly not been used in years. When connected to an amp they are barely audible and distorting heavily. Have replaced the caps in the energiser, can't confirm that the bias is correct (shitty multimeter) but am fairly confident that the issue lies with the diaphragms. Have disassembled the drivers - the diaphragm appears to be intact, although the silvered coating has been worn away in places from contact with the stator. Measuring resistance with coins shows a fully conductive surface. Now, from what I've pieced together, I know I should re-coat the diaphragm, but I am still unclear as to how. Intend to use this run of the mill anti-static spray; would really appreciate if someone could elaborate exactly how I should apply it so it coats the surface instead of beading in small droplets. Cheers
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