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  1. have the same issue, I love the L700 mkII but it clamps more than I like so I use it less often (almost never these days). I later got a SOCAS non ported XB700 modded L500 and the final result is a nicer balance. I like how it sounds (still no as good as L700ii to me), the extra depth gave a more expanded and 3D soundstage , maybe not the most realistic, but still a nice to have even in a small collection. (bear in mind I compared original L500ii and L700ii side by side and the most obvious difference to me was size of soundstage, the L500 sounded like a "smaller speaker"). also have the 007A and it is much more comfortable, but not a fan of its sound signature. the 009S may be a great fit for you, also easier to sound right on more amps imho.
  2. glad to hear, as I got both the 007A and the Carbon on the way, and still feeling a bit like "should've just waited and got a 007 mk I"
  3. because they know you are working on the carbon 9k!!
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