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  1. Thanks! I'm really pleased by how it turned out.
  2. Okay, so I have completed the Leach amplifier successfully! The final output power is around 80-85Wrms per channel. The voltage rails sag under full load. That's a combo of an unregulated power supply and using a relatively cheap transformer from Antek Inc. Sound is pretty good so far on crappy test speakers!
  3. So any suggestions for a good entry/mid level sub, maybe in the $100-150 range? Or ought I to go a little higher than that?
  4. I didn't realize that's how subs integrate into the 2.1 system. I like that.. after I finish the amp, hopefully this weekend or early next week, I'll see how it sounds with the little bookshelf speakers I have now. Maybe next step is to add on an entry/mid-level sub, with an eye towards upgrading the bookshelf speakers..
  5. They look awesome, but completely out of my price range.. I'll keep them on the wishlist though!
  6. Thanks guys.. I'll take a look at these!
  7. I was thinking more ready-built speakers... I will probably think about diy speakers a little later down the road...
  8. I'm just about done building the Leach amplifier (~100Wrms / channel). I was hoping to get some suggestions for first speakers to match with it, probably in the price range $200-400. All I've got now are some no-name bookshelf speakers. Some floor-standers might be nice, but I really don't know too much about speakers. Thanks, Evan aka bperboy Here's one channel completed. I haven't finished building the other channel yet. Forgive the messy wiring; I will tidy it up nearer to the end of the project.
  9. Okay thanks! I got some bigger quick connect terminals.. those did the trick!
  10. Head-Case DIY'ers, I've got a quick question on wiring for neatness. What is a recommended method for tying two 18awg cables from a transformer into one quick connect terminal? Should it be a short piece of 18awg cable soldered to both at one end, adding heat shrink over the junction? Thanks, bperboy
  11. Can you give me a quick paint drawing? I'm having trouble visualizing..
  12. I have been searching the internet for suggestions on how to reduce the crosstalk effect on this system. It seems that if there is an active signal coming in that is not selected, it causes crosstalk. So I have seen an article that uses MOSFETS to ground any unused inputs. Does this seem like a simple and elegant solution?
  13. I am considering working up a PCB design for this, possibly in the fall. There are a few issues that I need to sort out first, notably the channel-to-channel crosstalk. Getting the audio performance of the system set is the most important priority. In terms of user interface, I'll definitely want to add an LCD display to any design I do. EDIT: Whatever the final design ends up being, it certainly won't come close to the Skipjack's price
  14. Kevin, can you describe why feedthru occurs? I have the system breadboarded, and I do experience some feedthru. Say, if I've got an input playing on input1, but the firmware is using input2, I can still hear a very faint input1 coming through.
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