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  1. this pic made my day. beautiful setup. I am green with envy sir.
  2. so I just thought of something interesting. I want to get a cheap mini laptop thingy like an eee pc or something and use my future pico with it. is this possible? also can you stream music to the eee from a pc via wireless?
  3. correct. one thing though is that although it may be thin it still is fairly long. want something that can be contained within the perimeter of my palm. looks like an ipod nano huh?
  4. already ordered pk1s.... feel like a jackass now....
  5. Im sorry but what do you mean by sensitivity? newb here. am I asking for it??
  6. ok ok. didnt mean to offend. Ill look into a nano probably...
  7. are there any portable mp3 players out there that can handle an impedance of that level or possibly higher?
  8. really? apple products dont really have very good hardware right? that is the impression I have had at least.
  9. I am selling my ipod classic 160gb on ebay as we speak and I want a new music player that isnt so large. for real portability I want something small and light but some fairly decent hardware under the hood that can really take advantage of my moda vibes or my soon to own yuin pk1s. also i might use the pico with it when i own the pico next year. I would need at least 6gb space. also I have been encoding using apple lossless however I dont know if other players can play them. I doubt it. that would likely force me to encode with another lossless compression method wouldnt it? god that would suc
  10. well it looks like ill be getting a pico early next year. or perhaps if another better competitor comes around Ill be getting that. the imod is interesting but I have come to the conclusion that it is extremely limited in its usefulness. the pico however is a good investment. it will serve a great purpose for many years after I buy it most likely. now if only they sold the pico in white... \
  11. all I really care about is audio quality. I never take my ipod outside anyways so a lappy and pico makes just as much sense. my desktop setup right now is emu 0404 usb and its ok but I know my allessandros deserve better
  12. I have never shopped from ALO but they look like they have nice cables and wires and such.... whats wrong with em? overpriced?
  13. so the pico with a lappy would sound much better huh? they should be able to drive allessandro ms2s pretty well right? what other options should I consider? any suggestions for a newb?
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