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  1. x2 Both are very good. In the fact if i am not wrong. Corsair are made by Seasonic. Both will be quitter than the Antecs.
  2. I got the PX100. They are very great straight out of the ipod, considering the 40$ price tag i guess this is my best ever audio deal. Highly recommend them.
  3. I didnt check yet m^3. Said this, cause the audio madnes is driving me only for more expensive solutions. And m^3 is more than ckIII
  4. I guess i will finish with balanced m^3. I dunno why, but i got on this "balanced" buzz. My source is apogee minidac. And i am looking for improvement over the integrated amp.
  5. I have some experience with the DIY. This project looks quite easy and using cheap parts ( that is important, cause i am used to burn them a lot lol). But do you think the Amp will perform better in balanced configuration. I have HD650 and will use balanced source.
  6. I will try PX100, another Senn in da house. Maybe later I will go to a IEM like ER-4. Thanks indeed
  7. LOL Please be serious with the newbie
  8. I want good headphones for my ipod, but i am getting confused with all this recommendations to get an amp even for IEMs. I don't want an amp, even the ipod is to heavy in my pockets. Please recommend me headphones sounding best directly driven from the ipod. Cheers
  9. I will just kill for a Desktop version of Pico with independent power supply.
  10. I am just bit concern about comments that pico is not powerful enough to drive hugnry cans like HD650/AKG 701. Actually that is just what i am reading. I did not listen to almost anything yet.
  11. I know. But if i choose CKIII i will need DAC as well, since my laptop built-in sound card is just horible
  12. After some more read. I think I am going blindly for a HD650 The big Q now is PICO vs. CKIII (by thrice)... If just you can recommend me some good USB DAC. Is there somebody building nice DIY dacs ? thanks again
  13. thrice, thanks for the info. It is really useful to me Indeed the noise will be not an issue, so i think open will suit me better, but i have nothing against the closed cans (since i have no big experience with both) I am no sure it is a fair question, but which AMP/Can can be close to the Naim systems ?
  14. Yes there is a optical out, but is a PC. SO HD650 + pico will be exactly around 800$. And will run USB, which is very universal. Do you think guys that Audio-Technica have a nice can in my range? To elnero I will not move the stuff so both mobile and full-sized rig suit me. As for Open/Closed i really don't have enough experience with the headphones to decide. I had some experience with the Speaker based systems and I like the sound of NAIM suggested systems.
  15. Hi guys, Where i am living i don't have many opportunities to test headphones and equipment. So i have to blind shot with what i am ordering. I am listening to Jazz/Indie/Soul/Alternative Rock/Electronica/Female vocalist etc. And I want to use my FLAC collection via my laptop. Please recommend me a full setup for an about 800$ (second hand is OK, but i am in Europe). I don't care much for the mobility and if is upgradeable will be great. Thanks in advance.
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