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  1. I think you have that backwards, but then again, that would make you fit in just perfectly with some of the others on this board.
  2. Anyone else want to tell me my equipment sucks or insult me? Bring it on.
  3. Stick it in you're ass, when I need spelling lessons from you I will let you know.
  4. Well that would be the pussy (Jude) thing to do wouldn't it.
  5. Either add something to the thread or go out and buy a sense of humor Tricycle boy, otherwise keep your crapping out of my threads.
  6. Your right, I should have spent more time with all 17 threads concerning amps. BTW if I want etiquette lessons from you I will tell you so, OK?
  7. Thanks, I have the Tung Sols on the way and now im going to take your recommendations and look for a 12BH7A.
  8. Thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions and warm welcome. Thanks Billy So tell me, what amp do I have to buy to make you guys happy?
  9. Please do tell what tubes your using and how they affected the sound and what headphones you are using with those particular tubes.
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