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    "Here it is... May everyone live. May every one die. Hello my love and my love, goodbye." L. Cohen
  • Location
    Starkville, MS (Born in Chicago, many years in CA, loved AK!)
  • Interests
    Music: Troubadour singer/acoustic guitar, Jazz(never "smooth") songwriting, singing/performing; read
  • Occupation
    Former mental health director, mental health "creative director," private practice therapist
  • Hobbies
    Connecting w/folks in everyday places, talking w/my "kids" in CA, dog pals, doing anything w/my wife
  • Headphones
    HD 650(Eqinox), K701(APS) both bal, ESW9(APS), Etymotic ER-4P
  • Headphone Amps
    HeadRoom Balanced Amp/Dac w/home module, soon either TTVJ 307A or BHSE, I hope!
  • Sources
    Audio Aero Capitole SE CD player/pre amp, Cambridge 540c v1 cd player, Exemplar 3910 tube output stage mod?, 5.5G iMod(may go), 160g iPd clsic
  • Other Audio Gear
    HMS-100 iPod tube dock amp/speakers, Onyko B805X receiver/C707CHX cd changer/Polk spker mini system

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  1. lol. thanks for the birthday wishes, I just noticed them. :D

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