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  1. Just to offer another perspective here... As a buyer of the Balancing Act, Craig has been clear and direct with me about the direction, status and time lines on the Balancing Act. From the beginning he has said that he was awaiting shipment of the power supplies at that they would not arrive from Russia until that end of October. By that point he would have the rest of the amp built and sometime soon thereafter he would complete and ship the BA. I have no reason to doubt that as fact. Along the way he has been working with Joel, his former design partner at Moth, tweaking the design in or
  2. Did he bring a BA? If so, how did it look? (I've got a deposit on one!)
  3. How did the Aficianado sound? Did Craig also bring the Balancing Act? Anyone do an a/b between the two?
  4. Palin is a head-case. Can't ban me Nate that's closer to "on topic" than she is and besides I lived in Eagle River Alaska for 6 years. ER is right next door to Wasilla. So I can see her house from mine. That makes me an expert in "Palintoddligy" I do have some crazy stories. Oh and I haven't heard Pete's. New amp but I did almost but one so I guess I'm an expert there too!
  5. I just got an email from Craig that he's only going to be able to bring one of his new amps to the meet though he he didn't specify which one.(BA or Afic.) Maybe that will change.
  6. Wow, you be a pop you lar dude, SirSlack. I don't believe we've met. But a Happy Birthday is a nice Howdy Doo!
  7. Oh, and it will not be in the be in a BA housing. More "boiler plate" and simplified stye amp. Nothing showing on the top but tubes, no screws; 1/2" thin Delrin plates. Very elegant. Craig's not sending it out. He's doing the work initially. Whataguy! I means he's just so right bith creatively and technically; and then you combine him and Paul doing all this ol' Moth style colaboration. I can't take it. Ain't we got fun? But now that they'll be a second alternative as if the BA wasn't going to be enought and we'll have a choice about what will be the current the "Best o' Craig," So
  8. Boy do I wish I could join you all. But Starkville, MS is a long way from Southern California especially for me right now. I do have a favor to ask of all you lucky participants. I talked to Craig today and there's a good chance he'll be introducing another new amp: the Aficionado with an amazing new AD1 tube from Emision labs. Craig is going to be interested in how folks see/hear it in comparison to the BA which will be ready w/in the same time frame. Since I'm in for the BA, I'm also interested in all your experieces. So while you're there having a grand 'ol time, when you get to Cra
  9. The 650s sound significantly different/better when balanced. But, so far, IMHO, call it boring, call it lack of dynamics, call it vieled, call it irresponsible, it still missies a full sense of presenting music as it is and not artificially color and vieled. I am still waiting for my Audio Audio Capitole SE cd player/pre-amp, the soon to be released Balancing Act to even further upgraded Aficianado tube balanced/single ended tube amp the Craig and Paul from Moth Audio are about to release to the world. Craig tells me the balanced 650s will sound significantly improved/wonderful through this
  10. Thanks for inviting me to be your friend. My pleasure indeed Please ignore the Belated BDay babble in my previous post. I already talked to you about that.We're ready to move on to more deep and philosophical topics not to mention the music that we love. Barry.

  11. Thanks for inviting me to be your friend. My pleasure indeed. I think I missed your birthday? I sent a long message on my BlkBerry but it didn't register as sent. So in case it did not reach you: Happy Belated Birthday my friend! Barry

  12. Hmmm. I tried finding it to no success. I will watch more carefully on the big tube for details to refer to and try to youtube it again. Still feels like magic to me.
  13. I do so appologize because I missed your birthday the other day. And so please accept my humple reqrets for have done so and my idea that you should just pick another day, like tomorrow, or the next whatever and call it: "BarMar acknowledges and celebrates today as the Official Post Jack Birthday Catchup Celebration Day. We'll then proceed to party on and toast you on this, your proper and sanctified "supplementary bonus bithday day." Try it on for size. I think we've go a process here! Happy Birthday, Barry

  14. I'm sorry. I can't help it. I am mesmorized by the Quest commercials that take a black and white sand image of one thing (like a tree and it's still reflection in a lake) and have a set of graceful female hands skillfully and dynamically move that sand to create another completely different image before our very eyes (a vase of flowers.) Slight of hand. Simple. Elagant. Unlike anything else out there. Have you seen it? Does it move you?
  15. Congrats Pete on your one day old child and the "yes we can" attitude of you and your wife to have another one after having the first three. Oh, yesterday I woke up and found my iPod's hard drive died and all of my 9 thousand tracks appear to be gone. Then took a trip down Mississippi back roads. Saw swamps, an alligator, and Oprah's first home. Today's main event was eating catfish and fried green tomatoes for dinner and having sweet potato pie for dessert with Barack after his speech. After looking at my iPod even he saw no hope for ever recoving even one those 9,000 songs.
  16. I too am a fan of the ESW9s. Even had them recabled with much improvement at APureSound. Still they are on the warm side. Sometimes even "hot." Like 'em tough. Haven't heard better for portable
  17. Happy Birthday Riceboy! What I'm listening to now is me singing you a birthday tune! Barry
  18. I see aja as a mobile fidelity gold cd not a steve hoffman dcc? what's the deal on the mofi? cause i just paid $39 for a mint one on amazon based on all this excitement and if it ain't all that i'm canceling right away! Yikes, none of you aja addicts are online right now. i hope i made the right choice. ouch.
  19. Yes, but I found the initial cable too easily prone to pilling and pulls (if it touched the velcro in the case it could catch). I asked Alex if he could put on the Super Nylon outer sleeve from the V3 cables as protection ($50 or $60, don't remember exactly). I absolutely love it. Holds up much better. Looks like a CABLE kind of cable. Works for me. Alex and Heli are always willing to work with you.
  20. Grawk that sounds just too good! I've got to go eat something. (PS You don't deliver by any chance...do ya?)
  21. A further note on the ESW9s- It got my recabled by Alex at APureSound. Really improved overall. Cleaned up some of the congestion in the mids. The bass got much tigther. Everything sounds crisper and more defined. My pair seems to have a high end shimmer. I know some folks have heard differences among various individual pairs. RE: ESW9s in general: I really like their size, construction, and overall chic (wood is nice) and SQ for a portable phone.
  22. I don't recall the high school fad's right off, but what comes to me most vivid is the early '90s when I began a job as a Creative Director developing a specialized Mental Health Program for "seriously emo kids" (my best friends.) I feel in love with ties. The kids loved them and would want to come over at the start of each day and check out my satitorical spleader. They'd want to touch them to which was a nice way to lelt them connect with me. These were rep. school club emblems but bold and expressive wearable art. Those brief few years represented a rennasiance, an explosion of posib
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