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  1. gopi

    2 headphones at a time

    blessingx, thanks for that test. Will wait for a couple of more folks to validate that before I take the final plunge.
  2. gopi

    2 headphones at a time

    hehe!! thanks for that idea, but I would be then moving away from a 1 box to 3 box solution then. I am ok with alteast 2 boxes when 2 listeners and 1 box when 1 listener.
  3. gopi

    2 headphones at a time

    more replies I can add an attenuator. But, my worry will be if 2 different impedances can affect the amp/headphones or sound quality. Splitting the source is an option I considered as well, but how can a laptop be connected to 2 different DAC's at the same time?
  4. gopi

    2 headphones at a time

    Voltron, Thanks for the quick reply. I would be using 2 Denon AH D2000, they seem to need quite come current. So, would you think these would be fine. Or alternatively, what 2 other high headphones you would recommend from Senn, AT, AKG, Beyers?
  5. Hi, I am not sure if this is right sub section for this and this is my first post a head case My requirement is following: I need to be able to share my music with my gf. So, the main question here is, can I use a y splitter with any amplifier. Lets say with a pico? Or do I need to go only for units with 2 headphone outs. I need a single unit as my UAB DAC/Headphone amp for convenience of moving it around. I am ready to shell out around $1k for the unit apart from headphones. My choices with 2 headphone outs: 1. Meier Audio Opera/ Symphony - Symphony is really costly and for Opera I am getting only the 0,120 ohm versions. Shouldn't I need both h/p outs as 0 ohms 2. Benchmark Dac1 - Might be clinical and sterile for my tastes? 3. Headroom Desktop / Desktop Portable - Seems good 4. Audiotrak Dr. Dac2 - Its not in the same league as others? 5. Musical Fidelity X Can V8 - Dac is very ordinary? I would love it if people say I can use a y splitter with Pico. Also, headphone would mostly be a Denon AH D2000. I am not so inclined to go for 2 Denon's. But, if its bad to use a 2 different headphone models, then I will go for 2 Denons. I am based out of India and have no chance to listen to any of these unfortunately. I really appreciate your help here.