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Found 1 result

  1. Once again this year I'm prepping to ride a century in support of the Kelly Brush Foundation. I have (quite literally) been training my ass off and started the year with a goal of riding more than 2,020 (get it?) miles before the event. Well, I've truly exceeded that and am currently sitting at ~2,300 with a few more weeks to go before the ride. Of course, as most things have gone in 2020, this year's event will be quite different from the past with no formal large gathering in VT. So the group of us that have done events like this for the last 10 years are going to get together and ride a socially distant event all the same. For those that don't know, the Kelly Brush Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting individuals with spinal cord injuries in finding ways to get out and enjoy an active lifestyle. For me, this is a cause close to my heart. I love the outdoors and the freedom to explore it in a variety of ways and have worked with organizations like the KBF for the last twenty years to help others do the same. The mission remains the same, regardless of complications of life, so I'm trying to raise a bunch of money again this year with a goal of $2,020. As usual, all of the donations are tax deductible although the great pumpkin has made less meaningful than it used to be. Like past years I'm looking for interesting ways to sweeten the pot if you open your wallet a little bit. I've got something fun in mind for anyone that donates $100 or more, more to follow on that. But for now, here's the link to my personal fund raising page - https://kbf.akaraisin.com/kellybrushride2020/2b87af6c62214f81909ae4e7b306384e. Any donation large or small is very much appreciated.
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