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iBasso P1 Amp, my thoughts . . .


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and so the amp parade begins :-X

A bit of a disclaimer I am NOT an audiophile and will never claim to have "golden ears". I am just getting into this world of headphones. Right now I have the Senn HD-650 and AKG K-701. I have had one amp for a few years now a Headroom Coda Amp LE so that is my frame of reference.

The few things I don't like 8-) about the P1 is that the top and bottom seem to have been coated with some oil and grease magnet :o ( the PSP has nothing on the P1 as far as revealing any and all contact with the top and bottom) the side however have a narrowly spaced ribbing that I rather like. ;)

Its not really something I didn't like but something that may be worth noting. The first run on the first charge gave me about 16 1/2 hours ( 20 is the claimed time) with the volco at @ 75%. I will post back a new set of hours since I have run battery all the way down did a full charge and then ran ... oh 10 hrs or so and hooked back up the charger. So I taking an accurate account of hours on full charge (mind you this time it'll be at @ 50% vol. )

Sound, :-X well very impressive overall. :(;) I can't speak to soundstage size but it does seem to place different instruments in their own space much better than my old coda , even on the HD-650 which in my listening time says alot for the P1. Reason being is that I feel I can say without doubt that the K701 is much better at placing different sounds in their own space in my head and keeping them there. I think that is the thing about the P1 that has impressed me the most.

I also notice the P1 to my ears, gives the 650's a much needed slight boost in the high mid and high region, therefore giving the 650's a more even sound from top to bottom. The bass of the 650's through the P1 to my ears , seems more tight and natural. So I feel this is a good amp for the HD650, it just feels more right to me with the 650 then it does with the K701s.

It reveals quite easily the difference in the sound signature of the 650 as compared to the 701. I think that in and of itself says quite a bit for the P1 as an amp that send the music through in a rather neutral way with a perceived slight lift in the high mid and high freq.

I guess that explains why I feel its better matched with the 650 as the 701 is a much more flat across the spectrum can then the 650 is to my ears. the mids of the 701 are exactly as they should be, and in balance as a whole from the top to bottom.

My first impressions of the first up in a line of new toys to come . Even though this is the first amp to test out, I can say I think it is a solid amp for the asking price and can recommend it as certainly a strong candidate for your hard earned dollars. I am quite happy with its price to performance ratio, and think it does very well with the senn 650, so much so that I like the 650's more now. your mileage may vary

There you have it, straight up, no fluff, the only way I know ;)

Peace Out,

MaN227 :)

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