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Star Citizen (Free weekend through Feb 1st)


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Did any of you goons buy into this one during the kickstarter?  I was a bit wary of buying into a game so early in development, but the scope's looking pretty damn big now, and it's still in alpha.  It's a huge space simulator in a huge persistent universe, but it also has some more simplified sub-games like arena combat and space racing.  There's a free weekend going on right now, so I'll probably fly around and shoot at junk.  It's a bit of a behemoth download at 27gb, so my condolences to any of you recently inflicted with Comcast.

https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ for more info on what the game is about. 

It won't be listed on steam or origin, since it's basically a company that started with a kickstarter and has pulled in something like 100mil in crowdfunding.  There's no publisher to breathe down their backs to cut content to make arbitrary deadlines, but also no one to force them to cut back on hookers and blow so things can get done.  Hence, you need to sign up on their website:  https://robertsspaceindustries.com/enlist.

My referral code is STAR-HQPD-Q546 if you want some free in-game-dosh.  Just enter it in on the sign up page.  If you have a buddy that already has the game and you think he's prettier than I am, feel free to use his code as you get the same benefit... though I won't get the fancy little go-cart.


edit:  Free "weekend" is apparently expanded to last until the 8th.  Anyone want to do some junk in game let me know.  Game's pretty fun, but obviously incomplete.  Ship balance doesn't appear to be one of the dev concerns right now, so the pvp arena is a bit iffy.

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what is your impression of the game so far? I was excited about it when it was first announced, but now I can't really see a good outcome. Either it never gets "released", or it does and it's a goddamn behemoth that requires hundreds of hours of gameplay to get any sort of real satisfaction from your investment. 

Also didn't they completely change the engine used for the game at some point recently? These fuckers are all well too comfortable. Though considering some of the other space sims that were recently released and flopped, who knows.. 

I'd be happy with a Freespace 3 or something like that. 

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