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  1. Those geekrias are probably the same as a set I ordered on ebay a year or two ago. There are dozens of postings for the same product. The center protrusion flattens out pretty smoothly once you've used them a while. These are comfier than I remember flats ever being. I haven't purchased flats in a very long time, so I can't do a sound comparison. I want to say that these have a similar distance to the ear. Total thickness seems to be 20mm, with the pad thickness above the driver being 10mm. Anyone out there with a set of calipers able to measure out the thickness of TTVJ flatpad
  2. Thank you to all you lovely people... And Brent too. I shall celebrate by setting fire to some budget audio gear.
  3. I like to call it tactical deceleration. @Aimless1 FYI... I've lent my KZ-ATE to my nephew a few times to use on his switch. They're not a permanent solution by any means, but I haven't heard any complaints and they are under $20.
  4. So a year has passed since anyone mentioned the Soekris. Has anyone else here purchased one and form an opinion yet? NT-503 looks temptingwith today's ebay promotion. edit: I'm a dope and the soekris has its own thread. Thanks for your input, gepardcv.
  5. On an equally relevant note, I haven't heard Ace of Base on the radio in years.
  6. I probably should not have entered this thread, but that loaf is damn near inspiring, Mikey.
  7. I like to point things out. It's what I do. While I think flats are pricey, anyone already planning to pick up a replacement soon wouldn't be spending that much more in grabbing one of these. I'll stick with my cheap-bastard HD414 pads while they are still about $10 apiece. Even if you need to buy a knife to cut the holes, you're still saving a bunch of dosh. Consumer matters, automotive matters, anti-Colin matters
  8. Did any of you goons buy into this one during the kickstarter? I was a bit wary of buying into a game so early in development, but the scope's looking pretty damn big now, and it's still in alpha. It's a huge space simulator in a huge persistent universe, but it also has some more simplified sub-games like arena combat and space racing. There's a free weekend going on right now, so I'll probably fly around and shoot at junk. It's a bit of a behemoth download at 27gb, so my condolences to any of you recently inflicted with Comcast. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ for more info on w
  9. Have you tried the new Beats electrostat amp? It really is revolutionizing the industry.
  10. Not nearly desperate enough for the DSD upgrade, unless I can get the upgrade for about 2k (not paying 3k to essentially have refurb equipment of something no one I trust has auditioned). I'll either do a swap for a mk2, or look for another dac (perhaps the m51 or the auralic vega).
  11. Well, now there's one way to hyperinflate your dynamic range specs.
  12. I wish i had jumped on the mk2 upgrade kit earlier. Apparently they don't offer upgrade boards to the mk2 anymore. They do have upgrade boards, but it's a friggin' $3k upgrade to some fancy new directstream dac (damn thing's 6k new). That's a good bit of distance from what I wanted to spend.
  13. To anyone who loves Robocop and isn't afraid of some really NSFW Robocop remake action... This is an absolute must-see. Warning: Thar be dicks down yonder.
  14. It's a bit overkill, and those 6.3V outputs would only be useful to you if you wanted to link up some digital circuitry off a second psu. You'd still need to fit a second transformer in there somewhere.
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