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Stax SR 007 MK2

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Can someone give me an idea on what a fair price to ask for  SR 007 MK2 Serial SZ3.

Sadly my hearing just doesn't do justice to them anymore so want to sell. They are still in mint condition

with little use probably 200 hours and with carrying case and documentation. They are about 4-6 years old and have

been stored in their box when not in use. I am the second owner and i always have used them on KG's amps.

Thanks Guys.

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I mainly watch EU prices and right now you can get it brand new for 1500 Euros and I see a used pair for sale for 1400 Euros.

The confusing thing is always the version, since the earlier SZ3 is supposed to be the not so great one, therefore less desirable but that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't sell it for a similar price as other SR-007 versions.

So I would probably price it around 1600$ and see what happens and maybe adjust it accordingly.

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