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  1. Trading up from a standard KGSSHV to a Carbon is logical. None of them are from those reputable builders, or in the EU. So no, I haven't seen anybody switching to this shitbox just yet, but one never knows based on how some people think. I can only say I am really surprised (saddened) that some people just willingly refuse to use any of their senses, when everything is laid out quite clearly for them to see - if they want to, but that's their choice. Unfortunately, at this place, BS comes out as what it is, which is BS.
  2. I have listed two builders already, who will do it for a lot less. You already wrote people switching to this from Gilmore designs which is BS, because there is literally nothing on the used market (maybe once a year maximum, and it gets sold very quickly). As far as I'm aware, nobody is switching from a properly-built (Carbon). If you are happy to waste your money on this and try to promote it, just because it is Austrian and drives dynamic headphones, knock yourself out (and continue to be embarrassed). I have a local contact with a CCS modded SRM-T1S, so I have a decent idea of what that sounds like. I don't even understand how's that in relation to any of this, the Aeras uses the 6S4A tubes, but it is a different design altogether.
  3. https://www.inexxon.com/online-shop/paltauf-verstärker-amplifier/ Some specs are here, a full Carbon with GRLV+GRHV costs a lot less, maybe even a modded 727 is more than competitive against it... And of course there is also this one, the Eksonic Aeras, which I am sure is also going to be excellent (was presented at CanJam and most people said it really wasn't far off the DIY T2) and distributed within the EU as well (with warranty, if you are worried about that).
  4. Soren Brix in Denmark and Dukei (Miroslav) are also reputable builders, you can either get a Carbon or a Grounded Grid, they are more or less similar, one is all-solid state, the latter is a hybrid, mostly solid-state with 6CA7 tube output. I would also ditch the X9000 for a 007, as in my experience, the X9000 still sounded anemic on the KGSSHV. The amp makes a big difference, but it's not going to fundamentally change the character you are hearing from the headphones. You can also read more and see, that it's not a universally-loved headphone just because it's the most expensive. I've gone back to listening to the modded 727 with the 007 Mk1. Yes, I really miss the control, precision and dynamics of the KGSSHV so I will intend to sell the 727 at some point, but I would not really call this combination unenjoyable, especially for the price. And the more prominent upper mid, more subdued treble, more diffused staging of the Stax amp seems to have a decent synergy with the headphones. I definitely don't fancy the softness, lack of dynamics and bass control (this is the most annoying) but I think it is partly due to headphone itself (as I read it as still a little loose on the Carbon), but it's still the same character that is full, unoffensive and quite enjoyable. Bending the arc assembly and fixing the headpad made just as much difference as the amp.
  5. Besides the different colour, it's interchangeable. Or if it is still in one piece, you can just shorten it, this was done on mine recently, worked just fine.
  6. Really solid start to the season. Not as much of a change in racing as I expected, but a definite improvement, there is a lot of re-shuffling going on with the new rules, more difficult pitstops, etc. and the order might change significantly as the season goes on and teams figure out different concepts, seems quite unpredictable. Bring it on!
  7. I have seen an SR007 Mk1 with a service bill attached, having the arc assembly and cable replaced with black parts. So I guess they still service it, it's just not clear to me if they offer these parts separately.
  8. Lambda Pros are the most common, therefore one of the cheapest vintage Staxes. Unless you find this version collectible for some reason, it is smarter to wait for a less abused one. It won't cost that much more and it will sound a bit better (more precise L-R channel matching) and far less likely to encounter any problems in the future. I really love and hate the Lambda Pro in equal manner. I love it because the sound quality is really amazing for the price, it has a great sense of dynamism with deep bass, it has weight, it has general smoothness, no midrange etch to speak of. But I also hate it for three reasons: treble, treble and treble. Just ear piercing in one specific region. If there is some magic EQ that manages to tame this but without killing its clarity and character, I would like to know about it. I have tried, tweaked etc. multiple times and always preferred the sound without them. There is also the fuzzy imaging and bass, but those really don't bother me much, they clear up on the KGSSHV, maybe the Carbon tames them more, I'm just not sure it can do enough, maybe I just need to get old to appreciate them more than I do now. I also thought about ditching the damping but unless it improves the treble then it makes no difference to me. I found it interesting that another Stax, that has some of this treble character (and mentioned in many different reviews, like this one) is the (early) 007 Mk1. But it is only lukewarm, rather than boiling hot. Coupled to the bass, it makes the treble more impactful, so in a way it is a "smart" coloration, but it definitely contributes to a feeling of being slightly V-shaped.
  9. https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Equipment-used-for-play-back-in-the-listening-test-STAX-electrostatic-head-phones-and_fig6_322528453
  10. If Fernando trusts El Plan, so should we
  11. Found another unicorn in this X9000-related article (subscribers only) SR-Omega prototype made out of gold plated solid brass. It's heavy.
  12. Digging the looks of these 2022 cars with the big wheels and everything.
  13. You can use Voigtlander Leica M lenses on any mirrorless camera with an adapter which are also excellent and compact, so choose whichever one you like the most. There are also Voigltander FE lenses which work natively on Sony mirrorless cameras. At this point it does not matter if it is Canon Nikon Sony or Panasonic, they all use stellar glass (but they cannot make it with AF in that compact size)
  14. What's the intended purpose? If that involves shooting people, you can just keep all the lenses (maybe you don't need all of them) and buy a mirrorless body like the EOS R or EOS RP with an adapter and your life will be a whole lot easier with the AF system, tilting touchscreen, etc. (and you can also try shooting video as well in some situations, really useful). If you are patient enough these two will pop up for cheap prices, barely used.
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