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  1. padam

    007Mk1 comfort

    You may try something similar: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/the-stax-thread-iii.677809/page-881#post-13808930 Or you can just wait until it stretches out enough. If you switch to another one, it will also be tight at first, which is less of a problem than being too loose (oh wait, this sounds a bit weird)
  2. From the picture zooming in, it looks like it has a fan but it looks like it has a hinge for a fully articulating screen as well, just like on the Sharp 8K m43 camera, which has been in development for ages and now Sony comes out with it with FF. I guess it will be only slightly cheaper than the FX6 so still a good distance away from the A7SIII with regards to pricing.
  3. Is that a joystick on top? Maybe they have moved some controls away from the rear so the LCD can be a good deal larger and higher resolution so you can actually see if you are focused correctly? I support that. I don't understand how my first camera (NEX-5N) could have a larger image for video, then they've reverted back to the stills aspect ratio (as well as "temporarily" removing full touch operation...), when in stills mode you could simply use that area to make some nice touch buttons on one side (while the black bars on the top and bottom during video recording are basically useless, wasted real estate). For now, they are trying to segment models by keeping larger LCD screens to video cameras and somewhat weirder entry-level models like the Fuji X-T200.
  4. The latest one has the same box as the SR-009S with the golden lettering.
  5. Great lens, but there are so many fantastic vintage lenses out there, which may climb in value due to a demand for video usage, that's what I would buy instead - unless the price on this goes even lower, which is a possibility. This is the Olympus OM Zuiko 50mm f/1.2 (on the EOS R), but I have too many others
  6. I would choose the 727A and have it modified because it is slightly warm, while the 323S is more neutral. But the difference is not that big. But there is also SRM-T1 and its close derivatives, the SRM-T1S and SRM-T1W are also available for reasonable prices and they sound good if they have good tubes in them, although for the best performance they need to be CCS modified as well to tame the bass hump (which I personally don't mind with some headphones) in stock form they can be even warmer than the 727A modded.
  7. The Case For Logan Sargeant: Road To Formula 1 Glory Solid mini-documentary about how one can get into F1, I am routing for a US driver to be there.
  8. Yes it was. Wet races FTW As the British commentators were saying: less downforce, more driver skillz
  9. The SRE-950S has yellow markings.
  10. Two hours into the race and it is still open for grabs, this is hilarious :) They need tracks like this.
  11. It depends, if it has the jumper block on the inside, then you don't need to do any soldering at all to switch the voltage, you just need to move that to the right place, and it's done.
  12. Gold aside, these small 35mm f/1.4 primes are very versatile and fun to use. I wish I'd tried a lot harder to master them, couple the ordinary look with today's social distancing, and it becomes a real challenge to take interesting pictures with them.
  13. For me, and endgame headphone needs to achieve two things: it needs to be balanced and natural enough to be enjoyable with a wide range of music (also very easy to tweak the rest of the chain) and it also needs to be magical (ipad jokes incoming). Some headphones do one thing well, HD600 comes to mind for the first, HE90 for the second. Luckily, for me, the SR-Lambda scores a double hit. After the first try in 2009, somehow along the way, I lost sight of how unremarkably amazing it was, but all is well since 2012. Flirting with other headphones is jolly good fun, in that sense, there is no endgame headphone. But in this case, it's only about keeping the relationship stable and everlasting 😏
  14. "Better" is a relative term, each has its advantages and disadvantages. There are several SR007Mk1 variations (70xxx with the carbon box, 71xxx, SZ1) and it is probably very hard to find a 'golden' sample now, because why would anyone sell such a headphone, unless he is completely unaware of the differences and happen to accidentally own such a pair. And without comparing two SR007 headphones side-by-side(maybe new pads on both and a properly seating headband, since both may also affect the sound), it may be difficult to evaluate it. So for practical purposes, the Mk2.9 should be a better, safer option.
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