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  1. padam

    The Headcase Stax thread

    Stax-tube is now on How to baby your SR-009 earpads How to remove dirt from your headphones if you have a stand
  2. padam

    The Headcase Stax thread

    It's not just a question of Mk1 or Mk2. If I counted them right in total there are three versions of each (plus the 'Mk2' vs 'A' paint scheme) But generally they all sound like SR-007s, so just get one for a good price which you can resell if you don't like it. The cable entry can fail on the Mk1, but it's not something that can't be fixed. And if you need replacement head- or earpads, they are only available in black color.
  3. padam

    The SRM727 thread

    Yes, it is a custom pot, which I've found out the hard way, when I received a 717 which got damaged during transit... It is just the non-feedback for short (non-nfb to be precise, but whatever). The Sig is not modified in any way (but it needed a fair bit of cleaning and I put the new mesh inside the old pads to avoid touching those metal grilles) Well, after just 6 hours of runtime the 727 blew a fuse. But after replacing it, it seems to work fine without any issues (which is good, because there was only one piece in the shop), so not sure what caused that in the first place. But now I avoid using that cheap power distributor just to be safe and plug it directly to a different outlet, the DAC also acted funny a few times in the past, until I moved that to a different outlet. Maybe I will get something decent after I move everything.
  4. padam

    The SRM727 thread

    The amp mod is now done and normal bias added in as well (thanks everyone for the contribution). It runs pretty hot for being quite big and solid-state, maybe I'll move the whole setup away from its current location. Well, shoot me and, but I think the Lambda Signatures actually sounded better in its stock NFB from, there was a bit of bass bloom, warmth and also sparkle to its midrange (but not peaky) that was actually quite pleasant. This is smooth but also thin and lean, not sure about the matching on this one. The SR-404s have improved, the bass is now more in control. If they were my own headphones I could potentially get used to them, but I don't think they are my cup of tea. Because... I just prefer the SR-Lambdas (what a surprise), they are just better balanced and the slight upper bass emphasis makes them fuller, but the 'unforced', yet very clear midrange is my favourite bit. Shame I couldn't try them unmodded, it may have been interesting. I feel they sound leaner and brighter than with the SRA3S. Those original Hitachi tubes just seem to have superb synergy with them, while the phones are able to provide plenty of 'magic' on their own, there was something particularly alluring with the midrange, which is not quite there here, it's just more 'plain'. I will say though that the SRA-3S wasn't as clear, spacious or detailed as the modded 727 (it's great to have the option of disabling the Alps pot and I also prefer balanced connection), so maybe it's a sound that will grow on me as time goes. I do remember that the old version KGSSHV sounded even brighter than this. Maybe a CCS modified SRM-T1(S) / SRM-007t with some nice tubes is able to sound more pleasant than this with the Lambdas while costing about the same or even less, but this is all just speculation based on one opinion at the other place. All I know is that the SR-007 Omega IIs (any variant) are definitely much better with the modded 727, overall it just a rather neat 'little' amp and at a good price point as long as one likes a more solid-state sound. Hopefully I can do a direct side-by-side with a stock demo unit to do this properly. It would be great just to really see how much difference is actually there, what differences I've ignored, and how much is just imagination.
  5. padam

    The SRM727 thread

    Not yet, maybe next week. And there is not much point in running the Signature at normal bias, it won't sound very good, it is intended for the original SR-Lambda (I have three Lambdas right now) I meant that for my other dynamic amp, not the Stax amp. I will probably leave the gain as-is (for now), so that hopefully I will be able to do a direct A-B to a stock unit at the distributor to evaluate how much better it really is. As-is, it does a good job of taming down the etch in the Signature (not so much on the SR-404), it is just the lack of overall fullness, which is a bit of a shame, but it does its magic with symphonic music.
  6. padam

    The SRM727 thread

    The more I listen to it, the more it reminds me of those movie scenes where everything is there, nice and tidy and looks good etc., and yet there is a suggestion that something is not quite right. That's how I can sort of describe this "semi-bland, semi-dynamic" sound. Sometimes I think it works quite ok actually, I prefer to preserve my hearing and keeping things at lower volumes (the bloom/lack of control becomes more apparent, when pushing it more) I already have some experience from a few years back, through a local friend, I had the pleasure of testing with a set of 009s it for a week or so, that seemed like a bit better match, but the mod still improved it. After the mod, it just gains back it solid-state-ness, more grip on the sound. It sounds very very similar to a 717 - slightly clearer, less diffused stage and a bit less bass bloom - and that was described as not far off the T8000 (by KG). Just wanted to know if there is any (theoretical) sonic benefit to raising the gain and feeding more voltage from the source side, that's all, with the feedback reinstated, the stability problems should be absent. I also have a dynamic amp (a CEC HD53N) with a gain switch and it certainly sounds a bit different when switching those modes and changing the input level, I think I like it with low gain and with 4V RMS input which is the maximum recommended one for XLR input and adjusting the rest on the amp. But with the Stax amps it always seems best when the attenuator is bypassed. Probably best to leave that gain as-is, the adjustment remains easier. Yes, although so far in my world every Lambda lived as a shadow under the original, except the latest ones, which I haven't heard yet. That's my assessment anyway. I prefer the bass quantity of the SR-404s but they lack the smoother, more musical voicing of the Lambda Signature (it is more like 'rough and ready'). The trouble with the latter is still the same - it just tilted a bit too much on the lightweight/bright side for me and the mids are close, but yet not quite there. So back again where I've started a few times already. That is, the NB Lambdas just seem to hit the nail on its head. And they weren't even designed to be like that, just a tamed down derivative of the NB Sigmas that accidentally managed to sound really good and less 'Lambda-like' in some aspects. Unfortunately, a recent factory visit article confirmed what was already known anyway, while they do acclaim older models, but they are not looking backwards (meanwhile, Leica makes a shitload of money re-making old lenses) The thought of the HE60 popped into my head many times, but I think besides the construction I would have similar 'too bloody bright' complaints to the Siggy, but this one I may seek into after all. So I think I will have to have the "full Arthrimus" mod done as well. And of course after all this hassle comes the point, when I realize that all this is nothing else, but a gateway drug to a world of DIY designs...
  7. They should have priced it higher. As-is, not sure if it can redefine the landscape, if there are other products like it. As a more grown-up version of the Jr., maybe it will be the called the Graduate.
  8. padam

    The SRM727 thread

    Well, I just received mine, it is the last version as well. I think with the Lambda Signature there is nothing that strikes out as particularly bad about it in stock form (it seems somewhat less synergistic with the SR-404, where it gives more of an impression of being rolled off, as Tyll wrote in his shootout). Although the more I listen to it, the more that "half blandness" starts to stand out. And it doesn't quite have the mid sweetness of the hybrid variants either, so I can see why people dislike it, it is neither this nor that. If I use it in bypass mode with XLR input anyway, is there any benefit or adding in the extra gain as well besides the feedback mod? In theory is it better to feed it more input level or less? Or it doesn't really matter?
  9. padam

    New cans for a very *bad* Head-Caser.

    Probably almost as painful as Ultrasone
  10. padam

    Formula 1 Thread

  11. padam

    Stax SR 007 MK2

    I mainly watch EU prices and right now you can get it brand new for 1500 Euros and I see a used pair for sale for 1400 Euros. The confusing thing is always the version, since the earlier SZ3 is supposed to be the not so great one, therefore less desirable but that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't sell it for a similar price as other SR-007 versions. So I would probably price it around 1600$ and see what happens and maybe adjust it accordingly.
  12. padam

    Megatron Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

    You can check this thread at the other place If that actually tells us anything, the hybrid / all-tube DIY electrostatic amps seem to change hands a lot less (and quicker) than the solid-state ones.
  13. Sounds the same as before? (Those SRE-950S extension cables aren't that cheap)
  14. padam

    Formula 1 Thread

    It was a racing incident imho (just like that Webber-Vettel a few years earlier). I agree with him If we look back at the glory days, the great champions would have defended similarly vigorously (if not even more). But with the massive technical changes, the speed differences are magnified. A very entertaining race, but without all of these incidents, it would be pretty boring to be honest (and it could be on other circuits). The tyre regulations, DRS, halo graphics, etc. are all there to mask a bigger problem. The most surprising thing for me was Raikonnen crossing the line ahead of his teammate.