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  1. You don't need any tools for this, just use your fingers. That way you don't risk tearing it either...
  2. The new Canon lenses are great. All of them. This was taken with the RF 28-70mm f/2 lens. The EOS R is a bit quirky but also very powerful, overall I like it and I can also recommend it (or the RP which gets a lot of unwarranted hate) with the RF 24-105mm f/4 IS lens, which was also great.
  3. From the video it seems quite clear that it is not going to be an SR-009 replacement but a new take on the SR-Omega and it's going to be priced accordingly.
  4. If it is not listed as B-stock specifically, it is brand new.
  5. Only partially. If it was a 'full-on' ad, it would be the usual, 'best I've heard, worth every penny, you must upgrade now' rather than 'I think I prefer the SR-007 Mk2 now'. Speaking of which, in this shop, both the SR-007 Mk2 and the stock SRM-727II (as well as the SR-L700) are available at a significant discont (weirdly, the set price is not discounted), although I don't have any experience with them but these are a lot better than the usual EU prices.
  6. The SR-009S is the new flagship and they said they are evaluating if it is better continue with the SR-009 production or let the SR-009S take its place (and just sell the available stock). This limited edition model can be considered as an 'experiment' whether they can sell more from the original SR-009 and it seems that they certainly can so it will be staying for a while. P.S.: video review is up at the other place.
  7. Yep, it is, but there is demand, so they make all sorts of silly editions. And Japanese Leica prices are insane to start with. I have the old version, which is almost identical, great little lens. Paid less than 700$ though.
  8. Considering its rarity it is a reasonable 45,000 yen premium compared to a new SR-009 (but of course you can get one for a lot less now used) I wonder if they took a leaf out of Leica's book. Because Japanese people also have the option of an old-new Leica lens in black, which funnily enough, carries the exact same price and also the exact same amount of premium compared to silver (limited to 50 pieces, so I guess it is sold out)
  9. I do have a broken Nova Signature if you are interested, the headband is mint.
  10. That's good to hear, so it may not be me being utterly useless in post-production. Looking back at images, I am struggling to get a grip on a constant style. I guess it is down to taste, I like 5D III colors as well as they are, maybe more so than the 5D IV but the latter seems a bit more accurate and subdued. And generally the adjustments work differently (better) for me on Canon. I got a Color Chart (not the pricey XRite one) and so far I haven't figured out how to make a good profile out out it, simply recognising it in a DNG Profile Editor without further adjustments makes it too flat and lifeless(similar to the Adobe Standard profile which is flatter than any of the Camera Profiles). I haven't tried it with the Canon yet, but will do it some time later one, I wonder if it does the same thing. I took pictures with both cameras and tried to match it by hand, it was difficult to do but works reasonably well with natural right, so that's what I use some of the times. With artificial light though, I couldn't do it, this is where the Sony has the most problems, even with a grey card I couldn't set a white balance that I was happy with.
  11. One XQD slot, that's annoying. Since Nikon is in the memory card business now, it's been done to 'encourage' users to get more expensive cards and have no backup at the same time. (They could have added an SD card alongside like the D500 or D850) The camera itself does not seem to benefit at all from the insane card speed (the buffer is small). Apart from this, it is certainly the 'cool' camera for the moment, the pricing of the bodies are aggressive. Quite an investment, if one doesn't own any Nikon glass. I don't think this is a big problem for Canon with their huge ecosystem, where all of their cameras from very cheap entry level DSLR to professional camcorders use the EF-mount (we can also add RED cameras, etc.) Plus, these lenses have proven to be very reliable, not sure about these new all-electronic mirrorless lenses, I think that having a mechanical focus linkage is just nicer and the AF doesn't seem to be inferior. I am in the same boat, still using the original A7S (got it at a big discount), after ditching the A7 and A7II, The silent mode is something really special, an early and kinda rough implementation, but still works. Trouble is that the logical upgrade would be the A9, but the price is a rip-off considering it still has many Sony things that haven't been fixed. (Unfortunately, it is easy to catch the smartphone syndrome with mirrorless...) My biggest issue is the color and the general look, sometimes good, sometimes quite a struggle. I have bought a Canon 5D Mk1 for fun (YT hype), and I can recommend it to anybody starting out for fun over a crop sensor, if video is not needed. It certainly does feel kind of big and ancient, so I don't use it as much, but the images are really lovely, the colors are a whole lot better than any Sony, this is something you can't measure on DXO.
  12. Croatia had a big edge over the midfield, that turned out to be crucial. The English goalkeeper was still excellent, but that is just not enough. On the other hand, they must be very very tired now, and with the current injuries they just don't have any good substitutes either (they only did the first one in the 101st minute!) but mentally they are looking strong as ever. I wonder if France is going to continue with Giroud in the starting squad, he is just not playing well at all.
  13. Another great game! Looking forward to Tuesday and Wednesday.
  14. They have improved both in taking and saving them. Still not there, but getting onto the finals is now a real possibility. The other arm looks quite brutal, any of those four teams look quite strong.
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