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Website testing....buggy?

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I figure this'll get any kind bugs and server issues sorted out by posting this on the forums to get our server loaded. And for whatever reason, I don't get bugs on my end viewing with Safari, IE, Firefox or Opera...low and behold, somebody will get one(which I need to know about)....as it always happens.


It's STUPID simple and STUPID basic. We decided against anything even remotely complicated and wanted to keep a simple theme for things to be "off center" as we're both a little, well, off center, lol.

We used some of our friends and random people as guinea pigs for the last site and some people thought it was too hard to navigate:


This is a totally different clothing line, hence a new website, but I just wanted to get everybody's input... Things I should change, any bugs, image suggestions, etc....

LMK, even if your comments are "your site and clothes suck and are ugly and the site is STILL too hard to navigate!" I want to hear it, lol.

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