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  1. After talking with somebody fairly extensively about the topology and circuitry of the amp, seems it's like a PPAv2 (or any other PPL amp), but slightly tweaked. What's the consensus around here for one? Is it worth the asking price over a PPAv2? What are the sonic differences between the two? I've heard a Lisa, but not the PPAv2...just wondering if it's worth supporting the DIY community or supporting somebody who doesn't really hold back his designs to the DIY community. http://www.esnips.com/doc/837045c1-25a0-4004-b933-7b9f9c842bc0/LISA-III-New-Front-Panel-019 I like how slender th
  2. Carbon is sexy....the case is about the same size as the iPod itself and comes with a screen protector too.
  3. Anybody own these? $158 recable for a set of $25 cans. I'm not being skeptical or facetious, I really am curious on the differences.
  4. Meh...who cares about that? Never said I wanted a pair, just said I wanted to know how they sound....
  5. Who has heard or owns them? Pretty premium price...I'm fairly eager to know how they sound...
  6. Australian beers...I'll check that out next time I goto Total Wine or World Market. ANy specific ones?
  7. Which is your preference? I noticed most people fall one way or the other. I personally HATE beer. It's disgusting and flavorless IMO. I can tolerate DARK DARK beer, like Mackeson XXX and Gulden Draak, mainly because they're so damn dark...but otherwise, I pass on Bud, Miller and Heiny..blah. I personally prefer liqour... 4 Horsemen, Svedka on the rocks and mixed girly drinks hit the spot...
  8. I figure this'll get any kind bugs and server issues sorted out by posting this on the forums to get our server loaded. And for whatever reason, I don't get bugs on my end viewing with Safari, IE, Firefox or Opera...low and behold, somebody will get one(which I need to know about)....as it always happens. http://www.fitforkingsclothing.com It's STUPID simple and STUPID basic. We decided against anything even remotely complicated and wanted to keep a simple theme for things to be "off center" as we're both a little, well, off center, lol. We used some of our friends and random people
  9. I suggested the same thing way back when, and got a nasty gram from adminz...difference is, I singled out RSA. I was told in was inappropriate and that it would be very difficult for a manufacturer to do such a thing....
  10. ^ I guess that's what I'm getting at. You can still get the sense of impact from a bass drum hit or bassline and it not be bloated or screw up the entire spectrum of sound. Like anything, it just has to be executed right. You don't have to necessarily "feel" it, but the note itself, can be achieved. I'm a concert kinda guy, and a good example for me is when I goto watch Tiger Army play. The upright bass is rediculous, and even at crappy acoustic set-up venues, you still get the sense of impact that guy has when he plays. I've gotten that same feeling when listening to SE530's out of a Por
  11. nice.....I'm gonna go into my kitchen and do it. WOnder how much battery life it gives you?
  12. This isn't directed at anybody, but I find it kinda humorous that people want it to sound as life-like and accurate to the live performance as possible, yet, when a headphone replicates a hard hitting impactful bassline it's heard as 'too bass heavy'. Example? People revel and awe at the sound of a K701 or HD600, and although they sound organic and realistic, IMO, they lack the hard hitting impact bass that a cello, bass drum hit, upright bass, or slap-bass guitar give you when you heard them live. Yet, people look for a "neutral" phone when looking for cans, but in a live performance, the
  13. What makes the vintage Grado's special compared to the current ones? I'm not knocking anything, I just really don't know the differences.
  14. $6-8 covers the shirt. I just said I can do it for $4-6 depending quantity and colors. So it still looks like my higher price is on par with your higher one. $35 too much? THAT'S INCLUDING DIGITIZATION(mostly for embroidery). Did you ever read that I was charging digitization fees? Um...NO. That's cause I don't charge them. Lets see anybody else do that. That $35 is usually waived if the file comes to me ready to print, but most people come to us with an idea, a couple random pictures and ask for a design to be made. You said yourself, he's not charging you because he knows you'll be o
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