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Here Comes Apple's Real TV (article)


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Thought this was interesting and worth sharing, from Business Week's Insider:


This is the kind of thing that might just pull me back into the TV game. Mind you, I gave up TV in 1988 when I was a first year law school student, and have never subscribed to cable since. Just wanted to avoid the temptation back then because I knew I wouldn't have the discipline to turn if off.

Now that I have more time on my hands, I just don't find TV viewing very interesting. Can always catch the well produced series in their entirety on DVD or Bluray. Can catch up with sports and news on the internet, and can avoid all of the political nonsense entirely since I control my web browsing. With TV (at least for me), it seems almost impossible not to get sucked into a bunch of crap that ultimately becomes a massive time waster.

But if anyone can get TV right, such that it delivers in the most interesting and important ways, but avoids much of the unnecessary rubbish, my bet would be on Apple.

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