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  1. Not just someone or another... Just got a pop up notice on Facebook that our friend Matt Dunlop would have been 40 today. Seems impossible. That must mean it has been over 10 years, since I believe he was 29 when he died. Really liked that guy. He was a good friend, and I sure do miss him.
  2. Man, this one hurts. Headcase has a bunch of great guys, and I'm sure I'd say this about a lot of you, but Steve was just a gem of a man. So warm and kind. He was an unassuming and humble guy, and truly a giver. Sucks that he didn't get longer in this journey. I'm just seeing this post as well. Busy guy in December. Hope everyone else has been well.
  3. Thanks, guys. Just seeing this now. Been AWOL for a while, but doing great. Birthday was kind of a blur, driving from Illinois to Florida to get my pickup back into storage and then to return to Cayman. Back now, getting ready for jolly season. 59 and thankful for every one of them so far. At some point I'll need to cave in and admit I've become an old fuck.
  4. Kind of where I'm at too. Waiting for the MB Pro 16" with M1. Supposed to be coming soon.
  5. Happy birthday, Brent! Welcome to being old.
  6. Didn't know exactly where to post this... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-12/hollywood-drone-video-minnesota-bowling-alley/13241718?fbclid=IwAR26zvLu1SM0Hn0zsCuGlDjWEtZU-QmigKyp8_X475rpHgNykEpDkA3sKSE
  7. Sad day. He was good and a solid guy by all accounts. RIP, Chick.
  8. Tennessee must be a coincidence. Doesn't look like our biscuit boy at all...
  9. That just made me feel old for some reason:
  10. Yes, for sure. He sure was a nice old guy, so sincere. He told me that he didn't have much money and lived a very simple life. The cost of his season ticket was significant to him, but when the Astros organization got wind of this and offered him a free season ticket since he had become such a legend there, he declined. He said he should have to pay just like anyone else. A man of integrity.
  11. I could never remember his name, but he was always easy to find. I'd stand with him and his buddies for a couple of innings out on the concourse in left field every time I went to Minute maid Park. He gave people autographed pictures of himself. "In color" he would say as he handed it to me, and I'd say, "Oh no, that's Ok. You gave me one last time!" I guess I wasn't too hard to spot either. When I first met him, I was watching batting practice down by the 1st base dugout, sitting alone and looking like Santa. He found me. Instant 'unusual hair' friends. Such a kind and gentle soul. https://www.mlb.com/news/valentin-jalomo-astros-fan-dies-at-81
  12. RIP Marion Ramsey of Police Academy fame. She was 73.
  13. Another one from Tommy. "My wife tells me one day 'I think you love baseball more than me.' I say 'Well, I guess that's true, but hey, I love you more than football or hockey.'"
  14. RIP, Tommy. He was a character, that's for sure...
  15. RIP, Alto Reed, sax player for the Silver Bullet Band. Boy, if you don't feel the chills when he kicks in here... well, it sure gets me every time.
  16. RIP, Ed Bradley, 65, from 60 Minutes. Good man and outstanding journalist. Freaking cancer again. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/60-minutes-ed-bradley-dead-at-65/?fbclid=IwAR0oWFSq6PhPPAfCGCKBHrJhNsE8qxyOyyTFePFURtqg0J4WuGMS-NE85bk
  17. RIP, Jerry Sloan, 78, who apparently had Parkinson's and failing health for a number of years. Legendary defensive minded guard for the Chicago Bulls who went on to have a successful NBA coaching career with the Utah Jazz. By all accounts, a good man.
  18. Such a huge loss. Thanks for everything, Mr. Prine. What an original, and ever so humble. RIP.
  19. I saw that too. Fuck this thing. https://www.tmz.com/2020/04/05/famed-nfl-kicker-tom-dempsey-dies-from-coronavirus-at-73/?fbclid=IwAR3AIBVaoARtKEHiWB-V5lRrfv6HEvuqHv5IBfmjT9C98G6OwUkqUJxOZtI
  20. Happy birthday, Al. Have, uhh, fun as best you can in lockdown.
  21. RIP, Neil. A legend indeed. Quirky dude, but you had to love the guy and his awe inspiring talent.
  22. RIP, Steve Cash, one of the founders of the long forgotten (by most people) Ozark Mountain Daredevils, which was always one of my guilty pleasure bands from high school onward. For whatever reasons, certain music just grabs you, even if nobody else is really into it. I just always loved their sound and the fact that they were a bunch of rednecks from Missouri having fun touring around together. Didn't make a lot of money, barely enough to keep playing, but that's all they cared about. The pic below is a screen shot from the band's Facebook feed. I've just Googled it, and his death is not even in the news yet. Don't suppose it will make a big splash even when it does get there, but his music meant a lot to me and they won't be as good without him. About Steve: https://www.theozarkmountaindaredevils.com/member-2 One of his songs that seems to fit the occasion:
  23. Really sad about Ginger. Dude was amazing, and never one to be short on self confidence. I liked his style. https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory/ginger-baker-creams-volatile-drummer-dies-80-66092227?fbclid=IwAR091lehKgnhe-_ggJRLAB9cc99GEb4nut7KwUoaU7rmTDJXH-od0WxVnFk
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