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  1. I meant how are the pads on the 404LE and the airbow sc1 different. I'm assuming the 404le pads are unattainable as well.
  2. The airbow sc1 is like the 404le as well yes?
  3. Considering the L700. for those of you with your finger on the pulse, have there been any issues with it? Spritzer mentioned not bothering to order one in the beginning because they always have revisions. I live in the US, Chicago area (hi Kevin). Is Yama the place to go for this? I'll likely use my srm1mk2 unless I find a screaming deal on a better amp. Cross that terrifying bridge later.
  4. now thats a fun care package.
  5. would the Airbow SC1 fall into this group? its said to be very similar to the 404LE. I've not heard them back to back.
  6. Spritzer. Looking forward to your comments on the sc1 and the 404le. I know the rumor is that they may be either the same or very similar. Haven't read about anyone comparing them directly. A mystery may be solved.
  7. yeah, if you like the sound of the srm1mk2, why would your logic be to get a woo wee?
  8. seems like in the world of Lambdas, the only recommended ones are the LNS (discontinued), the SR Lambda nb (discontinued), the 404LE (discontinued), or one of the entry level pro cans (20#). Don't see a lot of love for the higher end lambdas. I also thought the signature was a bit better thought of, but comments on the etch seem to point elsewhere.
  9. take some pictures of what you have. that will answer the question quickly.
  10. you might have gotten lucky if the problem seems to have gone away and you didnt damage the film.
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