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  1. 0Hz is meant as DC Caps do not take DC so the inverting input sees the full output signal.
  2. the capacitors at the feedback loop to ground is there to give full feedback during 0Hz (DC signals. Pretty darn sure it's not needed in that sort of circuit.
  3. They suppress EMI interference and serves as some isolation to other connected circuits surrounding it. Though not really significant, it's something that if you can get it for cheap then do so.
  4. anything structurally decent with a ferrite bead is the most you need.
  5. This thread reminds me of Pits of Flames from another site.
  6. Come to think of it. You're pretty much right. I could not agree with diyaudio at some point (the older posts when I was digging far too deeply), but then I spend most of my time over there (nelson pass and solidstates)
  7. OH NOES. I HAVE BEEN SPOTTED. whatever should i do now ?
  8. duh... I don't care what anyone thinks, as long as they are given the same space to say anything they want. Anyway, diyaudio is not even close to what head-fi is. Thankfully.
  9. I've been lurking and posting on head-fi DIY section for sometime now and I did not know that this site existed. Whoa, this site is EXACTLY what I need. Thanks. Whoever started this is akin to diyhifi starting their own site after getting shitted by diyaudio. Head-fi has long lost it's colors by holding an absurd amount of ignorance and fanboyism WITH actually mods protecting them. WTF? Here I don't have to deal with being nice when a product is really overpriced and when it's not really hard work R&D like how it's claimed to be.
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