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  1. The back bike (with chromor tubing) has been my everyday commuter bike for a couple of years - the frame is pretty much the same size and geometry as my modern size 58 CAAD12, so pretty aggressive compared to how it was supposed to be set up back in the 90s. (i guess thats the reason why vintage handlebars have such a big drop)
  2. Battle of the vintage steel frames! Two vintage Daccordi frames with the same geometry - Colombus Chromor vs SLX - will there be any noticeable difference? some intense testing will be needed, but first some much needed service to make sure both are up to the task
  3. i think realigning the BB would be impossible without converting it to another standard, since removing material would make the holes to big for the bearings. The bike's only 3 months old, so if the BB is indeed badly machined and keeps eating bearings, i would think getting a replacement frame from Cannondale wouldn't be to hard for the dealer. I suspect they will replace the bearings one more time before considering replacing the frame though.
  4. The caad is aluminium and uses press fit BB, so the only way to mess things up too badly (except for making the opening to big so that the bearing can wobble around) is not aligning the two sides properly when machining them, thus making the axle improperly centered. So in theory, pressing the bearing directly into the frame is superior to pressing them into cups, as there is one less part to misalign and with the potential to creak. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of manufacturers get quite sloppy with the tolerances, so it doesn't matter how you mount the bearings, because they will start creaking anyway because they dont fit properly. At least they are cheap and easy to replace, so at least thats something...
  5. Yeah, i'm worried that might be the case - but unless the dealer suspects the same thing, actually proving it and getting a new frame might be difficult. Crossing my fingers the mechanics has a bit more brains then the shop-clerk.
  6. Yeah i know, i was really close to blowing up when he said that, but in the end i just calmly explained that he was wrong and i was right. Didn't want him to refuse looking at the bike after all. it's cannondale caad12 with a BB30a SI hollowgram cranks. i suspect the new bearings they put in must have been knackered from the factory, and they just didn't check them properly before inserting them, or there is something wrong with the machining tolerances on the frame, making the bearing slightly misaligned and thus ruining them quickly.
  7. Well, the saga of the bottom bracket continues. It started making a noise again, so i pulled the axle and inspected the bearings. They made a slight grinding noise when turning, and it almost felt like they had sand particles inside! Having only ridden around 300km on the new bearings (in dry conditions), i was obviously not happy with the situation, so it went back to the shop today. The guy behind the counter was oviuosly having a bad day, and was not happy to receive the bike - he even told me its normal for bearings to feel gritty! Hope they take it seriously and figure out why the bike keeps eating bearings...
  8. start saving! GS lives up to the hype
  9. The last year it's been pretty spot on most of the time, i guess around +/- 1,5 sec a day. the only reason to adjust the time is to set the correct date once in a while.
  10. The regular snowflake still exists, and is of course the superior version (SBGA211) The gold-index version is a separate model (SBGA259) Though i really like the dial on the snowflake, i'm not too keen on the shape of the case. i prefer the more angular cuts of the other case designs... which is partly why i have a SBGH001 instead i'm not to anal about accuracy, but i prefer a watch where i can forget about adjusting it for a month or two without it getting too bad. so i guess i'm happy as long as its off by less than 5 minutes after two months.
  11. Just picked my bike up from the shop - they replaced the axle and bearings free of charge, so that was nice. Will make sure to dismantle and regrease at least once a month from now on, just to make sure it never happens again.
  12. Went on a pretty high intensity ride yesterday, so i had planned to take it easy and just enjoy a short trip in the sun today. Ended up being caught up in the mood, so the trip ended up as a 108km ride... i had forgotten my wallet, and only brought a banana with me, so on the way home i was pretty much running on fumes ? https://www.strava.com/activities/1799130499
  13. some more tweeter porn
  14. I sent the pictures to the store, and they said to bring it in next week. Hopefully they will change both axle and bearings free of charge...
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