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  1. bjarnetv

    What are you reading now?

    i liked the first and third book better then the second. i think part of it might be related to the translation by Ken Liu, which just felt better/more natural to me then joel martinsens work. i didn't think about it when reading the dark forest, but something just felt a bit off. when i started reading death's end it became immediately apparent though, as it recaptured that missing essence from the dark forest.
  2. bjarnetv

    The analog thread.

    Not sure if other people are as fond of these records as i am, but here is a heads up anyway Ryo Fukui's two first albums are being reissued in the EU/US as a limited edition half speed remasters in a couple of days. These records were reissued i japan last year, and most were quickly bought up by resellers and sold with a huge markup, so if you are interested i would preorder before it is too late. both records are great, and even though i bought the japanese reissue last year, i just had to order the pair, to see if the remastering is any good http://wrwtfww.com/album/scenery http://wrwtfww.com/album/mellow-dream
  3. bjarnetv

    Speaker Porn

    Man, those Arthelute speakers are expensive! at least they use TAD 2001's so they probably sound alright wonder how they compare to the TAD 2402? i listened to a pair once, and even though they sounded good, they sure could benefit from some good subs and supertweeters.
  4. bjarnetv

    Speaker Porn

    And alnico even biggerer and heavyerer! Comparing the TAD and Radian is quite interesting though. Both are 1" drivers with beryllium diaphragms, but the TAD is built like a tank and sounds way more 3D and lifelike compared to the Radian. I guess its mostly down to tight tolerances and better phase plug design. the radian is built like a mcdonalds toy, and just a slight variation in backplate tightening will affect the performance A LOT.
  5. bjarnetv

    Speaker Porn

    A selection of three 1" tweeters. it turns out you actually can determine sound quality by weight (TAD 2001, Radian 475 Beryllium, 18sound ND1020)
  6. bjarnetv

    Quad ESLs-2912

    Though i'm pretty happy with Anaview class-D amps paired with compression drivers in my current setup, i still recall with horror how bad the old icepower Rotel amps sounded driving ESL63's so try before buying (the new quads are basically improved esl63's as far as i understand) The best amp i ever tried with the esl63 were an old 200w class A/B sumo andromeda, so my bet would be something powerful but neutral sounding. when i tried tubes on them it always sounded to soft and polite.
  7. bjarnetv

    Post what you're watching

    i haven't really watched a whole lot of recent stuff (and enjoyed it), but both Youjo senki and Flip flappers were good (if flawed) Youjo senki starts out pretty uninteresting (and ugly) but turns out to be pretty enjoyable. Flip flappers starts out nice, but the ending episodes aren't too good. Being an old robot fan i also liked gundam iron blooded orphans s1 a lot. s2 was merely ok...
  8. bjarnetv

    Post what you're watching

    Both Made in abyss and Land of the lustrous were surprisingly pretty good. I had almost given up on modern anime due to everything being just ok at best, but now my interest has been reignited.
  9. bjarnetv


    wake up man, its frikkin 2018! The 60s were like... 40 years ago, and those watches never even went to space since we didnt have the technology until a few days ago thanks to nicolas tesla! But seriously, in my opinion a true toolwatch is a watch that you can afford to roughen up and actually use - both monetarily and emotionally. A rolex deepsea might be designed as a toolwatch, but i doubt most people would use it as one due to the horrific loss of value from a proper ding or scratch. No offense though, its just a pet peeve of mine that so many people have their drawers full of proper toolwatches, but put on their sacrificial Seiko SKX when actually having to do something that might endanger the watch even slightly.
  10. bjarnetv


    Yeah, the sinn is pretty nice, but i must admit it is starting to feel a bit to large for me too, as its quite barrel shaped, and not quite as wrist hugging as the GS (though both are 40mm). As i am a "one watch man" at heart, i am considering getting rid of it, as i usually just wear the GS anyway. strap is a Heuerville strap and its pretty great - didn't like the stock "vintage" leather strap that came with the watch. as for yesterdays tequila... i know how that feels all to well
  11. bjarnetv


    Are they really tool watches if you have to buy another watch to spare them from the wear and tear?
  12. bjarnetv


    you need to get a toolish watch that looks better with a bit of wear and tear - that citizen is gonna get scratchy real fast! or just accept that all watches get scratched up and dinged in the end, just like our poor souls... (sobbing)
  13. bjarnetv

    What Are You Building Today

    Seeing as i live in the middle of the capital, i suppose i am in a high RFI area, but the amps are still completely hum free. But i guess i better fix it sooner rather than later, if only just to sleep well at night would it be enough to get rid of the "ground bridge", and just connect pin 1 to the solder tab on the XLR body?
  14. bjarnetv

    What Are You Building Today

    Thanks for the good advice! i was kind of confused on what was the best way to ground them, as it seems everyone online has different preferences and advices. is that something that will be audible as noise, or is it just generally bad for the audio signal? This is by far the most silent amplifier i have ever heard, and the background is completely black, even with horns as sensitive as 108db
  15. bjarnetv

    What Are You Building Today

    Finished up a 6 channel Anaview AMS0100 to use with my horns, as the old amps were to noisy. A pretty plug and play build by DIY-standards, but since it was my first try that suited me just fine. Only had the time to plug it in and check the channel routing using test noises, so i haven't tried playing music on it yet, but hopefully everything will be ok when i try it out later today. I still have a Holton NXV500 to build, which is a bit more difficult, so having this as a warmup to get rid of my cabinet-drilling fright was perfect