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  1. oh man, this oscar peterson box is almost too good! if you find a copy, buy it. don't worry if your not a OP fan already - you will be
  2. one day when i'm loaded i will hunt one of those down! for now i will keep staring at my sbgh001, and forget it exists.
  3. the tudor chrono looks good until you see the sideview
  4. now that you mention it, my tongue does taste a bit different today.
  5. i started reading "this book is full of spiders" yesterday, and got halfway through before going to sleep. It's not what i would call a scary book, but my subconscience obviously thought so, since i woke up like ten times through the night because i was pretty sure there was something in my room trying to kill me. good times
  6. Though The Lost fleet has it's moments, similar to the later Honor Harrington books it's not really that well written, and can get tiresome and repetetive really fast. I somehow managed to read 6 volumes since my brother kept buying them, but i think the only book in the series i truly enjoyed was the second one. On a more positive note, i just finished the three books in Liu Cixin's "remembrance of earth's past" books. Truly excellent stuff, and both "the three body problem" and "death's end" are now firmly placed in my top 10 books ever shelf
  7. Yeah, OB sounds really great if you ask me - effortless, musical and big. You might get more dynamics and realism from large multiway horn systems, but i have yet to listen to a regular box based speaker i could live with. i haven't heard the LX521 myself, but that seems to be the best commercially available OB speaker i have seen. other stuff like the pure audio project speakers might look good, but having built many similar speakers before i refuse to believe they sound any good. all wide baffle OB speakers ignore off axis measurements for a good looking straight on measurement, and will always have problems with sounding good in a normal room.
  8. yep, it kind of uses the same principles as the LX521, only 3-way, and i used a waveguide to match the forward dispersion of the ribbon to the midrange. the reason i chose the JA8008 was that it had nice and even dispersion all the way to 2500hz in a minimal baffle, so it could reach high enough to be crossed over steeply with the RAAL. i probably did sacrifice some controlled directivity past 70 degrees due to the side supports, but i built a prototype with and without, and they measured pretty similarly, and i couldn't really hear a difference, so i kept them. visually it was a big improvement i did try out a dampened u-baffle as well, but never could get it to measure like a cardioid, so went with an H-frame instead.
  9. DIY OB speakers. made them back in 2013, to replace my unreliable ESL63's.
  10. i think it turned out pretty well in the end! (sorry MPI, but i forgot to casually drape the Fostex T30 over it before the photoshoot)
  11. if your starved for good space opera there is always the 110 episode long Legend of the galactic heroes to watch (its great)
  12. Same here. I didn't really like the last book though (or the book with the poison slugs), so that made go a bit "whatever, it's already ruined, might as well watch the show and relive the best books"
  13. they might have been milliliters
  14. Thanks! Hadn't done any veneering since 2013, so i had to redo all the mistakes i had previously learned to avoid - still turned out pretty good though. I even infused it with several liters of blood from over enthusiastic knife-handling, just to bring out that subtle reddish hue in the wood...
  15. progress. the base plinth is veneered and currently drying with the first layer of oil. will start on the top plate tomorrow.