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  1. Watches

    wake up man, its frikkin 2018! The 60s were like... 40 years ago, and those watches never even went to space since we didnt have the technology until a few days ago thanks to nicolas tesla! But seriously, in my opinion a true toolwatch is a watch that you can afford to roughen up and actually use - both monetarily and emotionally. A rolex deepsea might be designed as a toolwatch, but i doubt most people would use it as one due to the horrific loss of value from a proper ding or scratch. No offense though, its just a pet peeve of mine that so many people have their drawers full of proper toolwatches, but put on their sacrificial Seiko SKX when actually having to do something that might endanger the watch even slightly.
  2. Watches

    Yeah, the sinn is pretty nice, but i must admit it is starting to feel a bit to large for me too, as its quite barrel shaped, and not quite as wrist hugging as the GS (though both are 40mm). As i am a "one watch man" at heart, i am considering getting rid of it, as i usually just wear the GS anyway. strap is a Heuerville strap and its pretty great - didn't like the stock "vintage" leather strap that came with the watch. as for yesterdays tequila... i know how that feels all to well
  3. Watches

    Are they really tool watches if you have to buy another watch to spare them from the wear and tear?
  4. Watches

    you need to get a toolish watch that looks better with a bit of wear and tear - that citizen is gonna get scratchy real fast! or just accept that all watches get scratched up and dinged in the end, just like our poor souls... (sobbing)
  5. What Are You Building Today

    Seeing as i live in the middle of the capital, i suppose i am in a high RFI area, but the amps are still completely hum free. But i guess i better fix it sooner rather than later, if only just to sleep well at night would it be enough to get rid of the "ground bridge", and just connect pin 1 to the solder tab on the XLR body?
  6. What Are You Building Today

    Thanks for the good advice! i was kind of confused on what was the best way to ground them, as it seems everyone online has different preferences and advices. is that something that will be audible as noise, or is it just generally bad for the audio signal? This is by far the most silent amplifier i have ever heard, and the background is completely black, even with horns as sensitive as 108db
  7. What Are You Building Today

    Finished up a 6 channel Anaview AMS0100 to use with my horns, as the old amps were to noisy. A pretty plug and play build by DIY-standards, but since it was my first try that suited me just fine. Only had the time to plug it in and check the channel routing using test noises, so i haven't tried playing music on it yet, but hopefully everything will be ok when i try it out later today. I still have a Holton NXV500 to build, which is a bit more difficult, so having this as a warmup to get rid of my cabinet-drilling fright was perfect
  8. Speaker Porn

    Thats pretty cool, and i like that he is trying to fix the typical bad ESL dispersion using electrical segmentation. i wonder how it ended up measuring off axis? Not so sure if i like the V shaped bass bin behind the panel though - why mess with the figure 8 radiation pattern when you dont have to? just place the bass next to the speaker and it will be in the dipole null, and not make any problems. Having rebuilt my old esl63 a couple of times, i know from experience how much of a pain it is to tension the mylar juuuust right, only to have it tear last second, so props to this guy for seeing it through, and making everything from scratch.
  9. Speaker Porn

    trying out the RAAL tweeters in the new rig. No big surprise but they are a bit to polite when crossed over at 2800hz, compared to the Horn tweeters. (and 10db less efficient than the mids) It plays better higher up in frequency, but i guess it's better to go with a horn tweeter and separate supertweeter crossed over at 10K to retain the aggressive growl of the horns. Fun experiment though
  10. Speaker Porn

    i would say those are pretty compact, so you can safely drag them into your living room
  11. Speaker Porn

    from the archives: right behind the sofa is a bookshelf with a concealed 10cm RPG Absorbor behind the listening position.
  12. Speaker Porn

    After endless tweaking, the dipoles were sounding truly great - super natural and lifelike, with midrange and highs to die for... But still, i wanted more dynamics, more punch, MORE POWER!!!11!! So this happened: still just trying out different crossover points and targets in AL, but so far it's quite fun! lots of energy and punch, and a surprisingly good phantom centre. gonna try out the waveguided RAAL tweeters as well, and see if it matches the dispersion of the tractrix 200, as i really loved them on the dipoles. (sorry for the lack of headphone posts, but my headphone life is quite dull at the moment)
  13. Coffee Drinkers?

    i've got a Wilfa grinder, and it's pretty good, with easy settings for grinding time (amount) and coarseness. not sure how available it is around the world though.
  14. The analog thread.

    By taste.
  15. Speaker Porn

    Thanks dusty! It's just the man flu, so nothing serious. @ironbut i've tried my best integrating the treatments as feature of the room, so while there is no escaping the fact that half the living room looks like a recording studio, i quite like the look myself. it helps that the diffusers are really well made, so they look more like a piece of art (if you like wood that is ) i was pretty anxious how much of an effect the diffusers would have on the overall sound, but in the end they thankfully worked just as i had hoped they would, by really opening up the "stage" increasing the depth and focus of the soundstage, and overall just smooth things out. if i increase the TTD cycles (how far ahead of the impulse you ty to correct) it truly turns into a window into the recording where the acoustics of the recording "replaces" the acoustics of the listening room. Right now i am trying out the middle ground, with just enough TTD cycles to increase the soundstage while retaining some of the liveliness and "punch" of the room. (too much TTD room correction can make things a bit too smooth sounding)