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  1. Coffee Drinkers?

    i've got a Wilfa grinder, and it's pretty good, with easy settings for grinding time (amount) and coarseness. not sure how available it is around the world though.
  2. The analog thread.

    By taste.
  3. Speaker Porn

    Thanks dusty! It's just the man flu, so nothing serious. @ironbut i've tried my best integrating the treatments as feature of the room, so while there is no escaping the fact that half the living room looks like a recording studio, i quite like the look myself. it helps that the diffusers are really well made, so they look more like a piece of art (if you like wood that is ) i was pretty anxious how much of an effect the diffusers would have on the overall sound, but in the end they thankfully worked just as i had hoped they would, by really opening up the "stage" increasing the depth and focus of the soundstage, and overall just smooth things out. if i increase the TTD cycles (how far ahead of the impulse you ty to correct) it truly turns into a window into the recording where the acoustics of the recording "replaces" the acoustics of the listening room. Right now i am trying out the middle ground, with just enough TTD cycles to increase the soundstage while retaining some of the liveliness and "punch" of the room. (too much TTD room correction can make things a bit too smooth sounding)
  4. Speaker Porn

    Being stuck at home while sick does have it's benefits since i recently acquired some RPG modffractal diffusers. I have dragged the tv into the living room and connected it to the media-pc for a day dedicated to trying out different room correction and target settings. Different cycle length on True time domain settings sure do change the sound a lot. just a single cycle in the midrange can change the sound from being forward and aggressive to smooth and laid back. serious room correction sure is fun here is target example:
  5. The analog thread.

    Looks great, and i bet it sounds pretty good too! A bit unpractical placement of the right side acoustic plate blocking the records, but i guess it's worth it sound-wise
  6. The analog thread.

    i love the fact that there is a computer mouse on the platter for no reason.
  7. The analog thread.

    if you have more than one cartridge and several TT's with different arms, a good protractor is more than worth the cash. that thing costs way too much though! you could get the excellent Dr.Feickert protractor for way less. http://www.analogueseduction.net/alignment-tools/dr-feickert-ng-high-precision-alignment-tool.html doesn't come with a mirror and magnifier though, but you could afford to buy those with the money saved
  8. The analog thread.

    Too bad it will probably end up costing more then a sp10mk3...
  9. The analog thread.

    Droool... A nice touch is the fact that it will be a drop in replacement for the sp10mkII, so you wont have to make a new plinth.
  10. What are you listening to Part the Third

    I went to see the Oslo philharmonic orchestra and Leif Ove Andsnes perform Stravinsky, Rachmaninov and Shostakovich this friday, and now thanks to BBC 3 i can relive that moment, as they performed the same sets on the Proms yesterday. I think they did a very good rendition of Rach.4 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b092k4sn i need to rip this from the web with audacity or something so i can keep listening to even after they remove it from the web.
  11. Speaker Porn

    I can recommend Audiolense for the digital XO and room correction, though you would need to run bootcamp to use it. It´s not the most user friendly program, but it works really well once you figure everything out, and integrates everything really well.
  12. The analog thread.

    i recently did some refurbishing of my apartment, and decided to rotate the living room 180 degrees, to allow even more room for the stereo. this allowed me to place the TH subs in the corner, freeing up enough space to fit both my TT's! new USM Haller shelf (built from vintage parts) - Aw yiss! mmm... so smooth So now i have the AT33 mono on the NRK tts3000 (for mono records obviously) and the AT33ptg/II on the SR sp-10mkII I have routed them through an rca switch going to the RIAA, so i can change between them easily. the shelves pull out, and has enough room for around 300 records. a very convenient way to store the currently most played records close to the TT's.
  13. Watches

    Yeah, no doubt about it. Had it happened now i would have rolled up my sleves and demanded a free repair, but when it happened i was so fed up with everything i just though fuck it, and went on with my life.
  14. The analog thread.

    I recently bought The Atlantic years MONO box, and it sounds really nice compared to the super cheap DOL records i owned previously. Now i really need to borrow a proper stereo release from someone and compare it.
  15. Watches

    The process to have it serviced in the first place was a real clusterfuck, and at the time i didn't have the energy to go back there and start a fight over whose fault it was. It was an old watch, so i guess there was no guarantee it would be properly waterproof, even with new gaskets. still have it laying in bottom of my bedside drawer, but it needs a new non rusty movement to be brought back to life.