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  1. Franklin BBQ method. Two hours rubbed and naked at 275 then about the same spritzed, sauced and wrapped. Turned out well -- the family killed two racks and asked if there was any more.
  2. Have had a 10 lb rib roast in the smoker at 150 for 5-1/2 hours so far. Will pull at 125-ish, rest a 1/2 hour then nuke in the big gas grill for a few minutes at 750+ to get a nice crust.
  3. It's now objectively the better user of the name, too.
  4. Ordered some too. Decent performance, no hassles is about where I am in life right now.
  5. Just some nice soaking rain. Very welcome. Sunny and in the 60s through the weekend. Jolly good.
  6. It's hard to imagine who went: "What this extended edition really needs is a bunch of solo clarinet!" But God bless him (would definitely have been a him in the '80s).
  7. Guessing this is not going to run great on my 2014 iMac?
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