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  1. Hopstretch

    Colin is old now

    Happy Birthday! Stuff yourself to bursting!
  2. Hopstretch

    Happy Birthday, Steve!!

    Happy Birthday Steve!
  3. In light of recent news, the "what the fuck's wrong with me?" line seems to also apply outside the drug metaphor?
  4. Hopstretch

    Post what you're watching

    There was another, smaller one inside.
  5. Hopstretch

    RIP some fuck or another

    Maybe popularly underrated but surely not critically? It's a masterpiece. It's hard to overstate the impact that Finney had in the UK in the early years of his career. "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" is pretty dated now but was a big marker of cultural shift in Britain from the austerity of the 50s to the swinging 60s. He was damn handsome, too.
  6. Hopstretch


    I think those are IWC Pallweber jump hours?
  7. Hopstretch


    The Graves Supercomplication? Nice!
  8. Hopstretch

    Happy Birthday Jeff (VPI)!

    Happy Birthday! Buy something expensive!
  9. Hopstretch

    Fuck in snow