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  1. This is not meant facetiously. Perhaps consider using the resources that would go into fighting the shit landlord and neighbor to move to a nicer place instead?
  2. Liked him a lot in a lot of things. RIP Bill.
  3. ^^^ Man I love that album. Any Roddy Frame, really! The Feelies -- In Between
  4. The term "gentleman of leisure" is generally preferred, Al. Happy birthday Naaman!
  5. Agreed. I did take a picture of the first, though, on this one -- as it gave me a pang. Very comfortable daily driver!
  6. Happy Birthday Dan!
  7. Have stayed away from it precisely because I liked the books. Might be time to give in?
  8. Grails -- Chalice Hymnal Entirely Dusty's fault.
  9. And we're back to individual preferences again. Swapping back and forth between the Utopias/GS-X MkII and 007/BHSE running off the same source, I liked the Staxen better. Quelle surprise.
  10. Naganahahpen. Tell us how you like them.
  11. Happy Birthday Al!
  12. Ryan Adams -- Prisoner