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  1. Their new album is out next week. And any of the Marin contingent will recognize these landscapes.
  2. I remember wearing out their first album on cassette 30 years ago. It was very bright and bouncy. This one is more informed with the melancholy of middle (and beyond) age. But there's still a lot to admire. How it started: How it's going:
  3. An album that was very ahead of its time in 1989 and still sounds great today.
  4. ^^^ I second this one! Always had a soft spot for them and was kinda worried it would suck, which it does not.
  5. I got a tape of this album as a present for my birthday in 1984 right after it released and this is still one of my favorite soppy songs to this day. Also has the great Blasphemous Rumours. So I am listening to Some Great Reward.
  6. I'm thinking a full-power iPad mini is going to be a great fit for a lot of people. Going to upgrade the kids from XRs to 13s at Christmas and just deciding on color for my 13 Pro Max -- the new blue is a little too powder puff and the gold is OTT, so I guess we're back to the good old black or white?
  7. Bonus points for that is totally West Marin unless I miss my guess? @Voltron @TMoney @Grahame @swt61
  8. Love me some War On Drugs. New album!
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