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  1. Sorry we missed it but it would have been a lot more COVID-style if we'd been there!
  2. ZIRP today, ZIRP forever. There is no interest, only Zool ZIRP.
  3. Prediction, by next week Jeff is also going to have a Powermatic lathe, drum sander, table saw and CNC kit.
  4. Got my Pacific Blue 12 Pro Max. Hopefully Jeff hasn't received his yet.
  5. Noice. https://techcrunch.com/2020/11/17/yeah-apples-m1-macbook-pro-is-powerful-but-its-the-battery-life-that-will-blow-you-away/
  6. Was listening to this tonight and it occurred to me to hope another actual civil war will not be necessary.
  7. Straight celebration. Big ass rice and cheese ball celebration. Refill and seared fish sandwich celebration.
  8. Yeah I got wet driving down through Paso Robles this morning and the wind off the ocean has some bite in Carp this evening. I did wave when passing the exit for 135!
  9. I'm sorry, what is that in Freedom Units please?
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