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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Texas -- White On Blonde Peak 1997. Love it.
  3. "What I do for a living: Entrepreneurial." Indeed!
  4. Another ghost bike. RIP.
  5. Steely Dan -- The Royal Scam
  6. I resisted the larger screen for a while, too, but now can't imagine going back. My son's SE feels like a toy in my hand after the 7 Plus. I think you would find a 4.7-inch screen (6s or 7) to be a sweet spot.
  7. G-man, if I ate like you I'd be fatter than Jeff's wallet.
  8. Anyone tried a Bellroy wallet? I need a new one and Smythson are too chunky now that Colin's got me wearing skin-tight jeans.
  9. Insomnia's back. On the plus side, few extra hours a day for low volume, high drama listening.
  10. I just find them so uncomfortable that the sound quality is moot. Weird heads represent.
  11. Our friend Søs made her legendary Danish bread for dinner. As much as I disapprove of carbs in general, OMFG.