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  1. I'm on complete Jonathan Richman kick and wish to submit the Andrew Bird interplay.
  2. Terrible movie but 18-year-old me remembers young Heather Graham very fondly.
  3. In for 2nd-gen AirPods Pros and iPhone 14 Pro Max. 💪
  4. Oddly enough I am going to be in Texas for the first time in my life next week. Scenic Dallas -- lucky me!
  5. Unfairly maligned album (for being too mainstream). Still really enjoy it. This concert was filmed on a potato but has good energy nonetheless. And then it looks like he wandered into much better resolution for the next song in the set?
  6. One of my favorite esoteric music jokes from the great Sanjeev Kohli: "Little known facts about them -- they were not actually twins, but they did have cocks for toes." Fine follow on Twitter @govindajeggy. Nobody does worse puns.
  7. Saw Grease when I was 10 and Sandy Olsson gave me some completely new feelings. Olivia seemed like a terrific person in real life too. RIP.
  8. I might be more of a plane dream pop person.
  9. "All the shadows and the pain, are coming to you. Yeah yeah yeah."
  10. BBC Music have finally put almost all the "Later with Jools Holland" archive on YouTube and oh boy I am like a kid in a candy store.
  11. Have been listening to a bunch of Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil and highly recommend it.
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