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  1. Richard Bona - Kivu and Suninga
  2. Coming from the HC auditory "proletariat", the SR 009, Blue Hawaii, merge, produced the most accurate repro of sound ive heard. But to this day the R 10 are the only hp that (subj) seemed to "vanish' leaving me with only "music'. I was devoid of a tangible device...only music traveling through my frontal lobe..
  3. Brad Mehldau Trio - Wonderwall
  4. TBH the Fecal Corona Cocktail has an "acquired taste", it did leave something of a "dark brown" taste on my palate.
  5. Long Train Running - Doobie Brothers
  6. Guys it was a blast! Thanks!! Trav
  7. Due to medical emergency Heir Audio won't be able to attend. Too bad. Trav
  8. Ok everything is full throttle from here on out. It's party time! If anyone needs my cell send me a PM. Trav
  9. I'm planning on getting there early PM. Let me know if you need anything. Thx, Trav
  10. Miles Davis - So What. Studio Sequence 1.
  11. Hi guys. Listen ive been blindsided by a few things. The meet is still a go, but any donation (no matter how small) prior to the meet would lighten my load a great deal. Thanks, Trav
  12. Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams
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