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  1. It turned into a bit of a saga, but my brother enlisted Steve to help identify a new tool for the shop that he wanted to surprise me with. My siblings were around the house while my terminally ill brother made many phone calls and repeatedly ordered and reordered the specified machine. That info leaked to me and made me self conscious about him buying me a gift and worried about how it would work out, but nobody (including Steve) would tell me what it was or how it was being delivered. It finally arrived a couple of weeks ago and there was another whole saga to get the 500lb box up to the shop. Turns out it is a dual drum 25" Supermax sander. It is very cool and with some shifting it fits into the shop in a good spot. I wired the 220V/30A connection myself with the same type of plug as the Hammer jointer/planer it sits next to. I am ordering some stuff to make a wye connector on top so that the two tools can also share the same dust collection hose with a quick connect setup. I can tell that this is going to be a great tool to have in the shop at twice the width of the planer and currently set up with 80 and 120 grit papers to cut the sanding time way down on lots of projects. Thanks Tom, and Steve, and even Doug who consulted as well. IMG_0462.mov
  2. Let's do that, Neil. PM with suggested timing. Do you have a estat amp in the studio?
  3. I still have the 4070s, if you want to try those, Neil. Weren't they made for recording studios? 😁
  4. For some reason, your post made me wonder if Randy Newman ever sang Cars and I found this
  5. Funny magic ping pong t-shirt I saw the other day
  6. Nice lobster boxers. Gift from the weekend cupcake?
  7. Sorry for your loss, Todd.
  8. RIP to the Acid Queen Tina Turner at 83.
  9. I feel that bad news will be flowing by tomorrow, so enjoy your big day while you can. Cheers!
  10. Who was the perp who pooped?
  11. Have a great one Rob! Cheers!
  12. I would swear that I posted this the other day, but who knows anymore. It is called Transparent Ipe for hardwoods.
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