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  1. Have a great one Justin! Cheers!
  2. But what is your fee factor?
  3. Flank steak with chimichurri and veg
  4. That's down in the desert where Greg lives. It hasn't broken 102 degrees F up here this week!
  5. ┬┐Que?
  6. I got the Winmau dual core. It suffered from a little rain but was not ruined and seems to be recovering well. No recommended darts and I don't have a surround on the tree
  7. I think that is a hoax, Gary.
  8. Happy birthday Kerry! Cheers!
  9. Fat, drunk and stupid seems like a great way to go through the afterlife. RIP Flounder
  10. If it were boiled in Brisket Fairy tears, would that make it better?
  11. Fuck it. This. Is. HEAD-CASE! Maxxed out it is.
  12. They can't even add memory at the store so my guess is that it is far more difficult than in the past.
  13. Maxing out is fine financially, but I don't like to have way more machine than needed or waste money for no reason. Do others agree with the biscuit genius?
  14. I thought the same. Brisket Fairy Biscuits would be dreamy.