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  1. Holy fuck. What a shit show! I was so pissed that they said La La Land!
  2. I guessed as much. Have you tried doing more?
  3. Those ribs are going to be tasty, I'll bet. I think Gail would like those two dishes because they are not particularly challenging. I made the beef with less spice because Alden doesn't do spicy foods, and it was still tasty and we all liked it.
  4. ^^And that one too!
  5. ^^^Man, I love both of the last two albums!
  6. Happy birthday, fellow retiree! Cheers!
  7. A little too authentic at times. Other people's butts and clothing were perilously close to our food (let alone faces). All in all worth it anyway.
  8. Shaanxi Northern Chinese cuisine one block from our house in SF. Excellent food but hectic inside with no regard to personal space. Trade-offs.
  9. Tacos for the Purist
  10. My quality of life is better at the beer box per hour rate than it was when my firm was charging $915 per billable hour. for my work.
  11. Probably 2 x BAI until recently...
  12. That should be a blast Jim! Have a great time. I got a box of Texas beer plus one bad-ass SOB from Utah and chicharones! I should do more half-assed legal work for Naaman because this is a sweet payoff.
  13. I have some friends going but we have an evening conflict and I am too tired of driving to go all the way down there and back tomorrow. Tell us how it is for the next time!
  14. Hope it's been a great day Dan! Cheers!
  15. Gnarles Barkley. Come on.