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  1. They all look exactly the same so I might have been to that one.
  2. Congrat Caps!
  3. I hope the Rangers win it all for @The Monkey and his little monkeys.
  4. Hockey is dead to me. Oh yeah. And fuck Edmonton.
  5. I forgot. RIP Michele Scarponi. Truly sad.
  6. Too bad it wasn't Chachi. RIP Erin.
  7. Perfection. I hope you posted on HF.
  8. Naaman's meals on wheels! Awesome
  9. Fuck!
  10. I don't. I feel bad for Bryan as a fan.
  11. Sorry li'l bro. :/
  12. Six zip is getting nutty, but no way I'm assuming anything.
  13. Four zip even better
  14. Two zip is a good start!
  15. This isn't looking good for any of us. Tonight is must win for the Sharks. :/