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  1. Another reverse seared Ribeye, this time with homemade creamed spinach. Pulled out the steak at 110 degrees and did a quick sear. Plus I feel like I'm at a steakhouse with the bucket of creamed spinach I made. Fantastic.
  2. Sorry for your loss, Jeff, and I hope your family has a chance to celebrate her long life safely somehow.
  3. McConnell is promising a vote before January. We're fucked. RIP RBG, you badass.
  4. The appetizer plates we're incredible and delicious, but man, that prime rib looks amazing!
  5. Have a great one up there, Stretch! Cheers!
  6. Sure, they were awkward Midwestern white guys then too.
  7. When I was 16 or so, we visited my older brother who was going to grad school in Chicago. My brothers took me out one night and I used his 23 yo ID to get into a number of places, including seeing a local band called Survivor. The venue was a weird hall with hay bails along the walls for seating. It was pretty funny to see them rocket to star status a couple years later after Rocky 3 came out.
  8. Tonight I had a couple prime ribeyes and I did the reverse sear in the oven at 180 with a probe in the steak. I removed the steaks at 115 degrees and had a cast iron pan very hot and ready. Seared the top, bottom, and two long sides. Came out great for doneness, texture and crust.
  9. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and you will see a Theme drop down. Choose Deflection or whatever it is called now.
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