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  1. The bang is there to stay. The suction on the Supercell is not to be tempered.
  2. Great new Julian Lage album in collaboration with Bill Frissell.
  3. That's a serious haul and $15 is crazy.
  4. What didn't you like about the Oneida four inch hose? It will certainly never collapse and I have not had any trouble with it.
  5. If you haven't seen this skit, it is must see TV!
  6. RIP Tom Verlaine of Television and other musical adventures. https://pitchfork.com/news/televisions-tom-verlaine-dies-at-73/amp/
  7. 100 feet is not too long for the Supercell
  8. @morphsci and @naamanf Did you guys book tickets yet?
  9. Have a great one big bro! Cheers!
  10. Have fun today Adam, and I hope you can get back on the trails now that it isn't raining 24/7. Cheers!
  11. Hope it's been a great one Grahm! 😁 I'll be joining you in 60 club in a couple of months... Cheers!
  12. Upcycled redwood siding from the former house on the lot where my brother's new house is. This is the tack room in my sister in law's new barn. It's looking very sweet for a rustic utilitarian space. Still need to finish the ceiling and trim around the doors and window. And then there's another tack room in the garage, aka the tacky room.
  13. Seen on the road in SF today. Good get.
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