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  1. This seems to be bullshit, Dusty.
  2. Happy recycled birthday greetings Jeffy-San! Cheers!
  3. It is a white Ford Bronco hearse and now I can see that the Grim Reaper is driving. Before being arrested, OJ famously forced his football buddy Al Cowlings drive OJ in his white Ford Bronco at gunpoint and they ended up in a slow speed chase with police on the freeway. Riff on that iconic OJ moment, when everyone took that as a sign that he was admitting he was guilty
  4. It looks like their dog beds are room treatments
  5. That murdering cunt should rot in hell.
  6. Voltron

    Axpona 2024

    Can't join you on this one. I agree we need a get together though.
  7. I also have Blue Suede Shoes by Carl Perkins
  8. I'm not actually listening to it, but going through some 78s my sister gave me, I found this one: I literally never saw Burl Ives's face without facial hair before that album cover. 😆
  9. @Absorbine_Sr already has tickets through Steve Vai's website.
  10. My one further piece of advice on 3BP is to know that this is season one. I thought it was going to wrap up in the last episode and was confused how it could be resolved the whole time.
  11. Sad news. Ride like the wind, British Chris Cross.
  12. Obviously you need to build a wood-fired outdoor oven.
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