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  1. Voltron

    The Live Music Thread

    He's a talented dude. Hope you enjoy the show.
  2. Voltron

    2SA1968 substitution

    I knew the douche was strong with this one. IP ban seems right (ironic name given his theft of something else with those initials).
  3. Voltron

    What Are You Building Today

    I know you're joking, but the cop said from the very beginning that we were not in violation of the noise ordinance. He came because they were so many calls so quickly and he wanted to know what was going on. Two of the "neighbors" were people I've never seen before and one of them drove down from the street above trying to figure out where the racket originated. We had planed enough boards to get to work and it was clearly incredibly loud, so I told them to put down their pitchforks and torches and agreed to stop the noise. I meant to respond to this earlier. We originally planned to leave the Ipe unfinished and let it silver, but when I tried teak oil and T&T that I had on hand on some scraps it was obviously worth applying something. I considered spar varnish but wanted to keep it simple. And in fact, I also had in mind your earlier comments about encasing natural wood in plastic coatings. I'm hoping I can just reapply the oil every year without a hard finish but I'd still consider adding spar varnish after vacation if that would last longer.
  4. Voltron

    2SA1968 substitution

    There is no replacement for gods. I refer you to the wielder of Mjölnir.
  5. Voltron

    What Are You Building Today

    The ironic part is that the first board I pulled to see how it came out of my planer was the one and only board so far that had a buried piece of a screw in it. The metal nub chewed a couple of divets in the planer blades before I noticed. Using Steve's planer outside the following weekend caused multiple noise complaints and three neighbors and a police officer to come to my house. After I got my planer/jointer blades sharpened, all has been well and the planer and jointer have worked well.
  6. Voltron

    What Are You Building Today

    So Tice removed a deck at his job site, which is Armistead Maupin's former home. In his genius he recognized it to be Brazilian Ipe that was only screwed down from one side. The new owner eventually agreed to give the boards to the contractor and Steve's bosses gave them to him. Claire has been asking for an outdoor chaise lounge so Steve donated the Ipe and his skills to the project. Here is what the boards look like without any work and then a progression from weathered (as received) to planed to sanded and then to oiled with Tried & True linseed oil with beeswax. We chose a design from Restoration Hardware as the basis for Claire's chaise and essentially winged it from there. Here is the original and the final product with a side table, finished just before our vacation but built to last for many years. There is no stain or pigment in the oil so the finished look truly blew us both away. Thanks Steve for supplying the wood *snicker* and the knowledge and know how to make this come together.
  7. Voltron

    Constant pressure tube substitution

    I'm guessing douche bag.
  8. Voltron

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Is that when you're wearing only a robe for a business meeting and try to force someone to milk your postulate?
  9. Voltron

    Which Cooking Are You?

  10. Voltron

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Same. What's up?
  11. Voltron

    Which Cooking Are You?

    Trying out these Nate Nachos
  12. Voltron

    RIP some fuck or another

    RIP Dwight. 61 is ridiculously young. Fuck ALS.
  13. Voltron

    NHL Playoffs 2018

    Las Vegas Folding Knights...
  14. Voltron

    HC NBA Ballers

    He totally looked like he was photo bombing, especially on the video.