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  1. Voltron

    The Live Music Thread

    Kamasi is correct. They have been playing together since 2000 and I have seen them a few times since at least 2008. Brian Blade instantly became one of my favorite drummers the first time I saw them. Steve, Wayne Shorter was at the SFJAZZ dinner we went to years ago. Mikey was there too.
  2. Voltron

    Headphones Based On Music Taste For 180€ | 200$ Max

    Thanks for the Update. Now piss off back to head-fi where there is at least the possibility that anyone cares!
  3. Voltron

    The Live Music Thread

    I guess I didn't post it in this thread, but Herbie and Kamasi (and Branford Marsalis and Joshua Redman) filled in four nights for Wayne Shorter who was ill and couldn't perform at SFJAZZ in January. It was a hell of a lineup and I was especially impressed that a young dude like Terrace hung in there with this super group. Herbie Hancock piano & keyboards Terence Blanchard trumpet Terrace Martin alto saxophone & keyboards Danilo Pérez piano John Patitucci bass Brian Blade drums Kamasi was on a different night with everyone but Terence, but I was out of town for the rest of the shows.
  4. Voltron

    The Live Music Thread

    Those are a couple of shows I'd like to catch. Mikey, did Terrace play mostly sax or some combination with keys and percussion and stuff? He's super talented and interesting. Lionel is a straight up genius. Herbie is beyond.
  5. Voltron

    RIP someone or another

    RIP Toni Morrison. 🙁 https://www.google.com/amp/s/beta.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/toni-morrison-nobel-laureate-who-transfigured-american-literature-dies-at-88/2019/08/06/49cd4d46-b84d-11e9-a091-6a96e67d9cce_story.html%3FoutputType%3Damp 88 is nothing to sneeze at, but still sad to see her pass.
  6. Voltron

    RIP someone or another

    Never knew his name but do like the themes and music of those shows. RIP Barrington. And 65 used to seem so old... 🙁
  7. Voltron

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    The first two are great so they should be put to one side as you suggest. I'm going to try to give it a fairly objective listen.
  8. Voltron

    Happy Birthday Todd!

    Have a great one Todd! Cheers!
  9. Voltron

    Happy Birthday Antonio!

    Condolences Antonio. 🙁 RIP Uncle Manolo
  10. Voltron

    What are you EATING right now?

    Roast beef with yorkshire pudding, cauliflower, taters and rocket. Plus a cool strudel with figs and cheese and stuff in it (not pictured). Split moitié-moitié (still thinking in French)
  11. Voltron

    Happy Birthday Antonio!

    Felice cumpleanõs Antonio! I stepped into Spain today at the border with France near La Pierre St. Martin. I would have wished you happy birthday then but now will have to do! Have a wonderful evening! Cheers!
  12. Voltron

    RIP someone or another

    "All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die." RIP Rutger
  13. Voltron

    RIP someone or another

    RIP Art. 🙁
  14. Voltron

    Formula 1 Thread

    I've just learned that there is a Grand Prix race around the city of Pau in formula 3 cars. That seems completely nuts and the sound can be heard clearly for many miles. Had anyone watched that before?