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  1. Hope you had a great day! Cheers!
  2. Hope it's been a good one! Cheers!
  3. Buy a prefab shed. Rent a storage unit. Build a quick wood rack on the outside of the garage with a shed roof or tarps.
  4. I might have to try them sometime.
  5. Braves walk off against the Dodgers...again!
  6. Do you regularly wear tights?
  7. Have a great one Peter! Cheers!
  8. Have a great one Iain! Cheers!
  9. Now we know what the loud CRACK BOOM! was a few weeks ago on a very windy night. This is up the gully on our property. Miraculously, it did not crush the drainage pipe.
  10. Currently at our first concert since covid. Wilco outdoors in Napa with proof of vaccination. Feels weird but good.
  11. Built most of a cyclone dust collector. Details and some duct work tomorrow.
  12. For those playing along at home, the short wall to the right is in and all the sheathing is on. I got the copper door pan today but won't put that in place permanently quite yet.
  13. Milo & Otis took a big step towards enclosing the new shop today. We framed two of the three walls with rough openings for double doors and a 4x4 window. All studs are old growth straight grain Douglas Fir that I salvaged from the house my brother is about to tear down. Straight and sound and fun to work with. Tomorrow we will build the third wall on the floor and then plop it into place with the sheathing and clapboards already on it because there is no room to work between the rock wall and the framing over on that side.
  14. The coloring looks weird in those photos. I forgot to mention that is burrata cheese on arugula greens.
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