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  1. Segregated snacks for socially distant visit.
  2. Have a great one L'il Bro! Cheers!
  3. Well, our covid Thanksgiving day is limited to me, Claire, Alden and Steve. The meal we thought was going to be more streamlined has taken two days of cooking and baking, and we're not done yet. Here's the allegedly shorter menu: Orange-ginger cranberry sauce Meeso-Horny, I mean Miso-honey roasted Brussel sprouts Sausage-fennel stuffing Sweet potatoes TBD by The TICE Brined roast turkey Giblet gravy Turkey-bacon-swiss burgers for Alden who doesn't like any of the Thanksgiving menu except dessert Pecan pie Apple tarte tatin (inclufed because Alden
  4. Covid style lunch at the Marshall Store. Brought our own camp chairs and table. Fish and chorizo stew, Kilpatrick and Rockefeller oysters, and byo-beer. Delicious, breezy, and beautiful. I'm certainly thankful.
  5. I'm still pissed that Bank of America took away my "Cash Maximizer" joint checking and savings accounts that had, for many years, a fixed interest rate of 10%. I got the account when I started practicing law and took full advantage of the interest rate until they retired that "product" and forced me into a new type of account.
  6. Seeing as we cannot travel this year, it seemed right to use only local Bay Area booze and organic produce for Mattnog 2020. I also figured it couldn't hurt to use all the milk and cream and expand the recipe a bit (including another ⅓ cup of each booze and two more egg yolks, not pictured). We have a long quarantine winter to get through, after all! Before: After: You half-batchers are crazy. It lasts a long time and we're going to be stuck at home for the foreseeable! I ended up with a 1.25 batch so that socially distant gatherings can be warmed up...
  7. Great memory and great photo.
  8. Go Wonder Woman and Boy Wonder, Go!
  9. Hang in there Knucks, and I am sure it will all work out once you get in touch with the bank and your drunk broker.
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