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  1. RIP Ruth and Richard, two unique characters who helped many others.
  2. Thanks for trying Mikey! I'm not good at math but there's something funny about this description of the much too fancy Countryside Grill: Originally established in 1933 Celebrating 35 years of excellence! Countryside Saloon is one of Des Plaines’ best-kept secrets. Originally established in 1933, it was once a Prohibition-era speakeasy and gin mill. Today, it is a lively sports bar and grill that offers patrons a chance to see their favorite sports team, listen to live music on Friday’s or just enjoy a great meal while sipping on one of many craft beers or classic cocktails. It must have been real secret for over 50 years!
  3. Tom insists it was in DesPlaines and it would be in the June-August time frame because my parents were teachers. I have my doubts about the year--it's possible that it was 1981 even before they wrote Eye of the Tiger.
  4. For those who lived in the Chicagoland area in the 1980s or knew the music/club scene there, I have a question. In 1982, my brother was in business school at Northwestern and my family went to visit him that summer. Using his ID, I went with him and another older brother to see a young band named Survivor, with a month or so of the Rocky 3 release date. They played at a place in DesPlaines according to my brother, and it was a redneck bar or hall with hay bales around the perimeter for seating. Does that place sound familiar to anyone? Bonus question: We also saw 1910 Fruitgum Company at a club in Chicago on that same trip. Anybody know where that might have been? Nobody remembers anything at all about that place other than it was a proper nightclub/music venue more in town. 🤷‍♂️ Thanks for reading and any leads you might have...
  5. It was damn hot here again so using the oven seemed crazy. So I cooked a Detroit pizza on the weber tonight for Claire's book club. I started it with the pan right over the active hot elements and then moved it to the other half of the grill where the elements were off. Kept the temp at 500-550 with the lid down. The bottom charred and I was worried at first but it was not too much and tasted good, not burnt. I failed to take a pic of the whole thing but here is the last piece and a half from top and bottom.
  6. She was perfectly cast as Olive Oyl. Reunited with Popeye now.
  7. I finished inputting into a spreadsheet all of the shows that Claire and I have kept ticket stubs for. She started the project years ago and logged over 300 shows from her journals, ticket stubs and scrap books. Now that I have finished all paper tickets we still have and added some that I have in memory but not on paper, the total is over 600 concerts, mostly rock (broadly defined) and jazz with a mix of symphony, bluegrass, rap, country, etc. There is a small percentage that we went to separately and I am not done scraping my memory and my friends' memories, but the bulk is now recorded. We're wondering if we will hit 1000 shows before we slip this mortal coil. Actually, that reminds me that I think I saw that band and definitely saw Dead Can Dance...
  8. Hope it's been a good one José! Cheers!
  9. I hope you got stacks of Stax for your birthday! Cheers!
  10. I don't know the outcome of today's stage so don't spoil it in response, but I have two theories related to Cav's win. It is distinctly possible that he won on his own virtues and wily ways, though I wonder. Jasper Philipson stole a win away from Cav last year in stage 8 that I felt the kid could have just let him take to seal the record. Cav crashed out the next day and his possible last chance was over. So, theory 1 is that Philipson didn't go all out yesterday and let Cav have his moment. It wouldn't be the worst thing he could do. Theory 2 is that Philipson was more injured by his earlier crash than they let on and he didn't really have the legs to beat Cav yesterday. It will be interesting to see if Philipson dominates the rest of the sprints like he did last year... All of that said, I am not taking anything away from the Manx Missile and I am thrilled he hit 35. At least. Oh, and the bunny hop was epic. So was Pogacar's hard brake and shimmy to avoid a road divider earlier in the stage. That was king of unbelievable too.
  11. Jacob is acting like a cunt no matter what sexual orientation he wants to claim. And I don't believe for one second that he came out to Steve except in his twisted imagination. I don't know why he was let back onto the forum after blowing up half of the content but he'll stay on ignore as far as I'm concerned. I won't see any reply from him so I won't be as gracious as Steve and try to respond to him.
  12. There are multiple locations because there is nothing unique about the contents. Print more pictures, paint some walls in pastels or jewel tones and create evocative knick knacks like faux hotel keys arranged in little boxes or a couple of beach umbrellas and a bench with fake trees or a surf board propped up behind them. And what not.
  13. I clearly should have read the description of this exhibition we went to today, as should my brother who told us it was a Wes Anderson exhibit at a local museum. Not true. Here is their description of this thing that was pleasant and contained some good but not really artistic or professional photograph. "Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Exhibition" is a journey through more than 200 of the most beautiful, idiosyncratic, and interesting places on Earth – all seemingly plucked from the whimsical world of Wes Anderson. 10 themed rooms provide you a personal passport to visual inspiration and adventure with amazing photography and immersive moments throughout. https://awaexhibition.com/los-angeles/
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