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  1. Last night I made Detroit style pizza and plan to do it again soon!
  2. I'm still not considering attending a large scale event, even outside, but the real reason this announcement trips me out is how few of the acts I have even heard of. I am at least familiar with 4 of the 11 headliners, and a smaller percentage of the rest. Jeez. Am I that out of it or is this just a second tier line-up? Or both?
  3. That's amazing Greg. Nice work and nice gesture.
  4. Have a good one Kevin! Cheers
  5. It is called z-channel molding and creates a uniform channel and shadow line around the windows and doors. It was Steve's idea to use this method rather than standard trim.
  6. Here are the before and after shots from the Milo & Otis kitchen remodel.
  7. Incredible work on both of those pieces Jeff! Does Kasia love her most expensive evar bedside table? Or does she get one?
  8. You. Are. The. Man. Thanks for persevering Todd!
  9. I remember that punch and I still have the large lunch dispenser that you brought in case you want to reclaim it. 😁
  10. Doug's pictures give a better sense of it, but that bathroom tile is far more beautiful and striking in person.
  11. Happy birthday Doug! Some guys would wish for titties and beer, but I hope your day is full of kitties and (woodworking) gear! Cheers!
  12. I still like Le Tonkinois No. 1 for a hard finish and Tried & True Original Wood Finish for a more natural low luster finish
  13. Osmo on the shelves but not on the bottom of the bar top. That is Le Tonkinois No. 1 linseed oil marine varnish. I prefer working with the Tonkinois but the finishes look similar.
  14. Steve got surf and turf makings so I reverse seared the filets and grilled the honey soy lime prawns and Steve seemed to enjoy the results
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