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  1. Good call also. Not even completely snarky in this instance. 😁
  2. I just went through Boulder Creek last week on a trip to a sawmill at the top of Empire Grade, which is next door to a Lockheed Martin Space Systems facility. Fire scarred is an understatement but the sawmill is in an amazing spot.
  3. I still have my old Traeger with a Blaz'n Grills controller and it is fine but not SOTA anymore. I might still go for the 780 if I were buying a new one. My nephew has a Camp Chef with side burner that he likes quite a bit and it creates a lot of smoke. @Hopstretch doesn't have the Memphis anymore and the Twin Eagles set he has is great but $$$$
  4. Happy Birthday Kerry! Cheers!
  5. Sorry for your loss, Jeff. Sharon sounds like a wonderful woman who will be missed by many.
  6. Congrat to your American better half!
  7. Nothing too amazing or intense, but I wanted to try the new bike on White's Hill, where Claire has always had to stop a couple of times to get over on her old hybrid Trek. We both went up and over without stopping and then went to lunch. Eventually, we want to ride all the way out to Point Reyes with more hills along the way.
  8. Thanks Nate! The benefits of making it yourself are flavoring and spice level is up to you, no MSG or preservatives, no artificial colors, etc. It's not hard and I like being able to pull it out of the freezer when the mood hits.
  9. Somebody let me know if you can access the NYT article and the recipe, which is a further link at the end
  10. See if this link works for an NYT article and recipe for the blocks. There is a quick recipe for stew at the end and I then below is a link to a chatty article and recipe from Serious Eats that gives more ideas and a same day recipe for making a stew without freezing blocks. I use more blocks than the NYT recommend when making a stew for a thicker and stronger curry. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/11/magazine/japanese-curry-bricks-recipe.html?unlocked_article_code=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACEIPuomT1JKd6J17Vw1cRCfTTMQmqxCdw_PIxftm3iava3DEDm8biOEcDIGS-kHAIqhqf9I10i-WAdRcKqU-AfZoz-RcJAl3RgKpupbCmIgAJ299j7OPaV4M_sCHW6Eko3itZ3OlKex7yfq15UzWaGfuD7iL13BwOApjoJJ6fAyv32gKz63AEeV13tEv1fsxF9stE2d7ESqMufTjDRR6O8zXLU2Pr1lrBJwKHG3bjtWe6LkfcQpNCVmgTH934G406Ns0K8pAde-kbEZmIJyi9O1XXm94L46pBIkzQZzXlNhptb3PqR-PyKmm1jBJ2c8K-tiwtgU6zzsqALE&smid=url-share https://www.seriouseats.com/japanese-curry-kare?utm_term=Homemade+Japanese+Curry+Rice+Kare+Raisu&utm_campaign=Daily+Serious+Eats&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Daily+Serious+Eats+CID_e62341909ff40d2045f766a2cd972db3&utm_source=Email+campaign
  11. Steve will not like the timing of this one, because it's one of his favorites. I made Japanese curry with chicken, potatoes and carrots using the frozen curry blocks I made a couple of years ago. The blocks did not suffer from their long rest, and I have a few more blocks, so I can make it again when Steve is here. 😁
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