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  1. More belated birthday greetings Antonio! Hope you got through the long work day and ended with a whisky or something else nice. Cheers mi amigo!
  2. "Beautiful, Milo" is essentially "Beautiful, signed Milo" as in "hey Otis, that's beautiful, Milo."
  3. Cool bentwood amp stand. Made by the same people who make the headphone stands? Can't remember who it is but I have one of them
  4. The tenth USA rider to win a stage at the Tour de France won on Sunday ten years after the last USA stage winner. Sepp Kuss, the Durango Kid had a great win in the Pyrenees!
  5. Have a great one José! Cheers!
  6. They are swamped with business at the bakery and the new pizza and sandwich cafe they built since we were here together. They decided to open for the 4th and there were so many people waiting they opened an hour early. I didn't know that when I arrived right before the normal Sunday opening at 8am. There were about 5 people in front of me inside already but as I left there were more than 20 waiting outside.
  7. Looking good Morphsci family!
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