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  1. Jeff, find a game you like and will play with us and I will buy it. **BRENT** Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  2. But isn't the quality of life a bit better? Even though BAI had 12% growth month to month, and you may have to adjust your factor of BAI. Come to think of it, still probably a rounding error. **BRENT**
  3. So, half assed work at $XXX/hr... Carry the 2. Not a bad haul for 3 minutes of work. **BRENT** Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  4. Ask Brian about the wheels and tires and suspension for your car. Also, did you wind up keeping the Strano bar? I imagine there are some other wheel options too. Which class are you looking at? **BRENT** Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  5. But we missed the 10 year because alcohol. Who cares about 11? **BRENT**
  6. Hope your kids got you something used and almost-working for your 50th; I know it's special. **BRENT**
  7. I have a tire guy who can usually beat anyone else, if you guys are interested. **BRENT** Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  8. DIAF, dumfuk. **BRENT**
  9. You guys have been hanging around me a bit. **BRENT** Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks for the words, guys. A lot of people who knew him saw this on FB and shared some kind words about both the man, and some about the day. I reconnected with a good childhood friend moments ago when he saw that. It's nice to see that someone who has made such a large positive impact on your life has made similar impacts on others. Steve, for some perspective, my dad had just turned 43 when he passed away. I'm sorry that he wasn't the best role model for you, but I'm glad to hear you were able to learn behavior that you wanted to avoid within yourself. I can't recall much negative about my dad, and though I'm sure I was insulated from a bit, I still imagine it was less than most. I think he'd be proud of me, and he'd love his grandkids; I wish he could have met them.
  11. **BRENT**
  12. Some of you have seen this on Facebook, but I wanted to post it here as well. I don't feel like typing up anything different, but I love you guys and wanted to share this. Today marks the 25th anniversary of my dad's death.I remember being picked up from school by my Aunt Nancy and taken home to a sea of cars at the house, but asking where dad's was; it was the only one missing.I remember being told my dad was dead, and I remember the immediate denial in my head, and then looking across at the faces of these people who I KNEW had to be playing some cruel joke onus, but I immediately knew it was true. I remember my dad always wearing dress pants and a button up shirt. I remember him wearing shorts one time, and that's when we were out for a walk on the beach. They were navy blue, and basically a shorter version of the dress pants he wore every other day. I remembered a few minutes ago, as I was about to take off my socks after a long day at work, that Xavier insisted he do it for me. I remember taking off my dad's socks for him after he was relaxing in the recliner in our old house after what was surely a longer day (as superintendent of schools) than I typically have. I remember playing golf and meeting a man and finding out he knew my dad. We talked and he told me that he didn't like him, but he respected him. That encounter really helped to flesh out my idea of my dad not just as my dad, but as a person and a leader in our community; a story that has stuck with me for 20 years. He was a good man, a kind man, a loving husband and father. I still think about him often, and I miss him daily. I wish my brother and I could have had more time with our dad, my aunt more time with her brother, and my mom more time with her soulmate, but alas, we did not. We do, however, have our memories, and as long as I'm able, I'm going to remember, fondly, my dad, Richard Kirk Lawson. -Brent Kirk Lawson
  13. I got some from Jomashop and had a great experience. **BRENT** Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  14. Nice. Postmodern Jukebox is coming to Chattanooga in a couple months, and I'm thinking of going to check it out. **BRENT**
  15. So Grahame isn't there. Nice. **BRENT** Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk