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  1. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a decent day. Realized my license expired so I went to go buy some whiskey at the last minute, so I made a birthday cocktail. Had another band concert to play in (had one Sunday too) and a buddy in the section serenaded me with the HBD song, which was nice. 6 of us went out for dinner afterwards and they bought my dinner as a gift, and was nice meeting some new people/hanging out with others when we weren't just sitting in band. And, over the weekend, I got to have lunch/dinner with a good friend from back home while he was out instructing at a racing school in the PNW. Overall, been a solid time period since I turned The Answer.
  2. Great story! Also, '81 is when I was born.
  3. RIP Doyle Brunson, the Godfather of Poker, dead at 89. https://www.espn.com/espn/betting/story/_/id/37651901/doyle-brunson-10-world-series-poker-champion-dies-age-89 Most of his lasts posts on twitter was about his dog :I
  4. Lunch update: postponed due to animal emergency on the side of the main dude; I was completely understanding and told him to take care of the pupperz and we'd reschedule. Should be rescheduled for later in the week, or early next week. For now, drinking.
  5. Grabbed a 100$ haircut + beard trim for my first "meet the team" lunch with a very interesting prospect job wise. I've never had a "lunch interview" before, but this would be a job that would interface somewhat with my old job, except I'd be leading the account for one company instead of low-person on the totem pole for the old company. Restaurant https://stanfords.com/locations/northgate/ Menu https://stanfords.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Stanfords-Main-Menu_Web.pdf Depending on what the head guy orders, that 12oz cut of rock salted roasted prime rib looks great, or perhaps the smaller rib eye. I guess we'll see what's up in the morning, but the goal is to walk away on a good track to make more than my previous boss/grand boss, which would be just fantastic. It was a pretty good sign where two former co-workers sent me that same job listing, and one of them had reached out. I went from the initial "hey, we got your name and want to put you in the pool, send your resume" to, after receiving resume, "that's a STRONG resume. I have a few people out at the show [ISC West in Vegas a couple weeks ago] I'd like you to try to meet up with. If not, we'll get together in the next couple weeks." Looks like it'd be a really good match, and I have a LOT of good recommendations from inside that company, so gonna grab a drink, take a nap, and then try to figure out the ideal etiquette to handle a job interview in a restaurant. Come to think of it, the last time I had a job interview in a restaurant was in the 90s at either DQ or Hardee's. Man, now I want a biscuit...
  6. RIP Marty; my condolences Mikey.
  7. Happy belated Thursday, etc., Nate!
  8. If anyone is looking to get rid of any vintage portable tape players, or *cough* one of those tempermental-ass, shitty Nakamichi Dragons, ping me. Thx.
  9. Happy belated birthday. For you, at least. Here, it's still your birthday, but wanted to make sure you knew it was belated coming from me. The big 6-0 should really deserve something more festive, but here is a:
  10. Heh. Sucks about downsizing, because stuff is great, but I’m pretty happy with my Bonnie Pink PRS and Daphne Blue Jazz Bass. But I also want a crazy relic’d masterbuilt and/or Murphy shop something. GLWS
  11. @Dusty Chalk - Figured you may dig this purple Les Paul R9.
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