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  1. So, now that you're a proper amurikkkan, which accent are you going to land on? Texas drawl? Southern Belle? Alabaman (think Forrest Gump minus 10-15 IQ points.) Baaaahstun? The Californian?
  2. Congrats on the less-complicated tax situation! Just took what, 37 years?
  3. Nice! I have a 2021 model as well, but there is an app you can use to have all the info on your phone (and use a phone mount.) I'll go ahead and post where I've been able to source 2 range extenders from, and they still have stock. I wasn't sure about the place, but they came in reasonably timely (don't pay extra for shipping, btw... I tried to do 8$ rush shipping (over free) and came in the same day as another one that was ~equidistant. Buy the thing here. FWIW, this shop is in Sparks, NV, and it did not charge me tax. Don't forget you need to spend a few bucks more to get the cable for the range extender, and they sell those too. If you *want*, you can go all out and get the Y-cable for your charger that will charge both bike and battery. Oh, if you haven't ordered from Specialized, new people can get 15% off accessories. I'd consider getting the Y charger cable + other cable from them if you wanted to make a bit larger order. Feel free to PM me if you'd like any assistance in spending money.
  4. I like to run in Eco most of the time, but I've found the cadence setting to be fantastic for riding/pacing, especially on hills. It helped me get up stuff I didn't think I was going to make without stopping. I was going to go with a bike computer, but I think I'm going to go with phone and use a collection of apps. There are mounts for your phone (I got a cheaper one as proof-of-concept, but it let me know what I really wanted,) and happy to make some recommendations if interested. I test rode something with the same motor and within 5 minutes I was like "OK, putting a deposit down on this." The only reason it wasn't "buy right then" was that they had a carbon one a size down coming in on the weekend, and just made sure both were reserved so that it wasn't going to get away. Heh, a *big* thing was when I went up some shorter/steepish roads was like "OK, let me do this in Turbo mode" I looked down and realized I was in Eco instead of Sport. If it was that much fun on Eco mode, it was a no brainer. Specialized did something REALLY right with this combo. So stoked for you!
  5. Nice, Al! I helped my LBS sell someone on the same bike about a month ago! LMK if you want a line on accessories, like the range extenders. They're hard to come by, but I have a good source. There are also some cool things you can add to that seat (like, say, a small kit that bolts right on to the seat that will hold a tube/levers/CO2 w/head, etc) that means you're never left stranded. You're gonna LOVE this thing! Oh, and do you have the top tube comp with the screen, or the button and bars? (New for 2022, but I think it's "subject to availability" as to whether or not the bike gets it).
  6. Went out for a ride with Xavier and Colin last week. I've almost recovered from the ride, so finally able to post it.
  7. Quick question: Do they make larger saddle bags?
  8. Bastards I'm in the middle of a 2 week vacation and I'm just trying to be in little-enough pain to go out to eat or something... plus, I've looked at plane tickets. Keeping me grounded, if you will.
  9. Happy belated, Raffi! When we gonna Zwift?
  10. Thanks everyrone! (Well, almost everyone ) Luckily for me, the trainer 1) has some very sturdy legs/platform and 2) hasn't gotten here yet, so I don't have to worry til at least the weekend. For now, I'm just going to continue being old and keep popping pain pills and muscle relaxers to get me through the day. Woo hoo! Don't you love being old vintage?
  11. Happy birthday, you elusive bastard! @nikongod
  12. So, got a new bike, but it doesn't have a computer. WTF, isn't this d-_-b? What are people recommending for bike computers these days? Garmin 530? Wahoo Whateveritis? Yes, I know there is a sticker on the stem and some silly reflectors, but at least I don't have reflectors on the wheels.
  13. Started F1: Drive to Survive on Sunday and finished it up last night. Now I know everything about F1 and am an expert on everything. Respect Lewis but hate Mercedes. Dig Red Bull's panache but can't stand Max. Like T$ I like Pierre, but think I like Ricciardo the best. Here's to hoping Daniel beats out Pierre and Max and Lewis take each other out every race.
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