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    I am a fire breathing mythical creature who was made in Mexico
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    BMWs, cars, racing (autocross for now), motorsports, guns, music (play saxophone), blah blah blah
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    Interests (Your hobbies, etc)... look in that spot
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    Current: HF-1, HD580, PX100, PP2, im716 Past: HF-1, SR-80, PP Jr., MX500, MX300, er4p, Darth Beyers (Screened with Covers), HD650s
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  1. Can't find any fault in that logic.
  2. So, where do I find a 70GB SSD?
  3. Just when I thought that place couldn't get any shittier...
  4. Listening through speaker rig via Tidal HIFI. RIP, Pedro.
  5. *hugs* So sorry for your loss, Fitz. RIP, Matilda.
  6. @mikeymad, @cetoole and I were planning on having a re-cabling + drinking party during a coinciding staycation week after next. I'm just sayin'...
  7. So you have X9 now and WC P320 Carry in 4-6 months. What's the issue here?
  8. I'd have a hard time passing them up at 900$ CDN. That's what, 420$ USD? Maybe 666$? @cetoole has them set up with an SVS sub and I've spent multiple hours listening; I am a fan.
  9. Pretty sure @cetoolefound one of those in stock today.
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