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  1. I adore this album! I was looking at the Symbol furniture recently, but thankfully, they didn't have anything that really fit my space/needs, so I didn't need to find a way to justify it, but I do like a bit of their stuff.
  2. RIP MF DOOM - https://www.complex.com/music/2020/12/mf-doom-dead-49
  3. So I didn't even know what the Nashville thing was for hours. Guess I didn't hear the news from the locals b/c their internet was out, so they just went and spent time with their families. Now they're all going to get COVID, prolly. #ThanksObama
  4. @Grahame Howcould it really get much worse?
  5. Went shopping (ran out of paper towels the night before we are doing a "nacho bar" for Satanmas dinner. No bueno. Realized I wanted to cook for the first time in months, so I was looking for things to do for breakfast in the morning. Fucking place sold out of biscuits. I bet Colin went and bought them all; that bastard. But 3 pounds of meat, 18 eggs, multiple pounds of cheese (for variety, probably) and a bunch of tortillas means some possibly amazing breakfast burritos. Looking forrward to it! (Still, though... dammit, Colin! @ biscuit dearth.)
  6. I'd say about 4 and a half, maybe 5 bills, easy.
  7. 1) You guys are really making me want to get my bike out; been too long. 27.5x3 for me and x2.8 on Xavier's. 2) Nate, if you didn't know, this is d-_-b. The only thing to decide is black wall or tan wall.
  8. Congrat on being one digit further into ~Middle age!
  9. Can't find any fault in that logic.
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