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    I am a fire breathing mythical creature who was made in Mexico
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  1. MexicanDragon

    The Serpent

    I've watched some of it and definitely was hooked; just gotta carve out the time. From what I understand, Steve had a good take on it.
  2. Last 400 hours of so of gaming has been Killing Floor 2, Time Spy (90 minutes,) and Fuser (63 minutes.) Anyone up for some racing tonight? Project Cars 2 - 8PM PT (Proper Time)/11PM ET Hit me up on Steam if you need info, if you can guess my username.
  3. Was going to say "Congrat!" but then I remembered what you got, and I was reminded that I should take a nap, since the last time I saw it it bored me to sleep. But, at least you have your power for your party, so that's good, I guess.
  4. Happy Social Security Check day, DOTU!
  5. Isn't having bad luck and things screw up/have to be tweaked/messed with part of the fun of computers? It's kinda like being into vinyl as an audiophile, no?
  6. Happy belated to Tiny Rick (my 4 y/o pupperz, aka the bestest boi) and Fitz (the bestest FItz)!
  7. All those other options are side-grades 3 from my Denon, so I'll pass. Thanks, though.
  8. Heh, nice work, Nate. I meant to do something stupid with that myself, but fell asleep and forgot about it. Guess I'll keep trying to get @VPI to throw his spinny stuff away.
  9. Heh, I can look at my living room and office rigs. Tkam, tkam, Colin, Colin/Doug, VPI, knucks, Jim, sherwood (or was it Posty?) Via Colin, Justin, Shelly, Jim again. Oddly enough, some of it I even bought new! (Never use that crap, though.)
  10. Bah... I should have bought those but I was trying to be "responsible." I need to stop that.
  11. Pulled an all-nighter into an all-dayer after a full day yesterday. Decided to spin the black circles for a change of pace
  12. Heh, that's fantastic. As is this: Gorillaz - Humanz
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