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  1. Flattery will get you everywhere. I hate HF and would never try to punish others with them. However, I do feel a serious sense of welcome from the apparent dislike of HF.
  2. Here's the AMS datasheet download. AS3525 - ARM9 analog-integrated microcontroller - austriamicrosystems
  3. Here's the detailed hardware list and info for the current Clip. SansaClip < Main < TWiki
  4. Rockbox, the Sansa forum, ABi, Head-Fi, DAPreview...
  5. The beautiful thing about the Clip is the DAC section. It uses a high-end chip...according to those in the know.
  6. As a user of an 8GB Clip, I find them to be quite excellent in spound quality and convenience. The only thing I could wish for is higher capacity memory. It appears this new Clip resolves that wish with the inclusion of a MicroSDHC slot, allowing up to 16GB cards, which fully integrate into the main menu. If they ared compatible with the MicroSDXC format of memory cards, that would mean up to...eventually...64GB of storage. SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player Keeps the Bizarre slotRadio Dream Alive - slotRadio - Gizmodo
  7. MediaMonkey will sync iPods and iPhones without JB'ing.
  8. MartyLK

    Grado GR8 IEM

    They certainly have my attention. I've always heard great things about Grado, lending me the impression of high-end audio equipment...serious audiophile stuff. I must say, though, when I first became aware of their IEMs, I had the sensation Grado was merely trying to hitch up to the cash bandwagon...get into the market. Which lead me to think like others are thinking...they might be re-branding some other phones. If Grado indeed is manufacturing these IEMs, word should get out so that they will succeed in marketing them because it's rare that a home company will take such an admirable step. But, much like the Sleek Audio SA6, these Grados are probably designed...or given influence on their design...by Grado and manufactured in China....or Japan by Foster.
  9. Hi MartyLK, Warmest of welcome to you, and Genuinely hope that you enjoy visiting this site. Sincere Regards

  10. MartyLK

    Grado GR8 IEM

    The only thing I dislike about the Klipsch Image X10s...with regard to my particular set, which could have been resolved with newer sets...is the stiffening of the wires. Mine have been under constant patching due to breaks in the insulation, exposing the conductors. I still use them, though, and find them to produce amazing and accurate bass response. What really drops my jaw is how much they sound like my 3-way driver Shure SE530s, which are $500 canalphones.
  11. MartyLK

    Grado GR8 IEM

    Very interesting. They use the armature design rather than the dyamic variety driver. Too bad, at that price though, they aren't dual or triple driver designs. Then again, the Klipsch Image X10, and even the X5, are outstandingly wonderful sounding canalphones and use a single armature. What mostly intrigues me, though, are the sleeves. From the images, the sleeves appear to be the more common large nozzle design rather than the refined smaller nozzle type as used by the Shures and Etymotics.
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