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  1. Thanks, I'll look into it. And yeah I guess I'm gonna have to wipe everything and reinstall the OS and packages from scratch... definitely teaches me to never update packages remotely, but running headless is so much more convenient... What browser are you using, that you're having problems with? I finally gave in and switched totally to chrome a year ago, still not sure it's the best option.
  2. Remote shell command line interface where the phone is either server or client, can be separate apps for each. Probably requires root? Separate problem, but I ssh'd into my RPi from my laptop yesterday and ran some updates. Forgot about it and it was prompting me about what to do about lightdm and since I forgot about it my laptop turned off and the connection cut. Now it's bricked, the mouse and keyboard don't work and the Wi-Fi doesn't either so I can't ssh back in. FML
  3. Damn Did scoot link all his accounts to a central password then forget his hc password or something
  4. Anyone ssh into or from your phones? If so, what do you use?
  5. I suspect what was behind the trade was a lot simpler: I would assume their intention is to do a full rebuild and tank for draft picks the next few years. Can't tank properly if you have players that actually do well together.
  6. V=IR so I = .65/R roughly
  7. All the albums starting from DSotM until TFC were largely conceptualized by Roger Waters and his thematic/concept album way of organization along with, as you said, more lyricism of a more direct nature. Those are arguably the most well-known of PF albums, and what he was musically quoting from. The instrumental, more ambient/psychedelic phase was everything before and possibly including Meddle, and there was some level of returning to roots after Roger Waters left as well. So I'd say it depends on your interpretation of the word classic, and which is not one and the same as your favourite period. Just listened to this:
  8. Probably not necessary to stress test the power supply, so some medium-ish load will do. Having massive heatsinks just for burning off heat from load resistors is also a PITA. As has been mentioned before, the current limiter prevents the PS from doing 150mA with the stock 5 ohm resistor. Also, for the Carbon the LV just powers the solid state front end. No tube heaters so much lower power.
  9. Comedy gold
  10. I think the Barrett and Waters led Pink Floyd were both Pink Floyd, just different. What happened after/because of The Final Cut, maybe not so much. I have a hunch that what happened from the split has got Roger Waters still bitter about the whole thing 30 years later, so he decided to put bits of his era of Pink Floyd in his songs on the new album. Not sure how happy the other members of the band are about that...
  11. I do everything by hand, and hand drilling and tapping heatsinks actually isn't too bad as long as you make sure all the holes line up. And with L brackets you just need 2 or 3 blind tapped holes to mount the bracket to the heatsink. That said, a drill press would be a lot more convenient for pretty much every other aspect of chassis work...
  12. The new Roger Waters album seems more like an homage to Pink Floyd by a cover band (eg Smell the Roses sounds like a worse version of Have a Cigar) so I'm going back to the real McCoy.
  13. Have a great one! And a doubly great one for Father's Day!
  14. I can't wait to drink the tears of all the keyboard warriors pushing their lame group-think agenda and spamming the HF Z1R thread when they finally realize Jude's measuring setup is slightly better than pieces of leather, some foam, and a mannequin head they stole from a Macy's. Coincidentally, Sony's measuring setup is a bit better as well.
  15. Next time you can just take out the opto chip and put it back in when you are done adjusting