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  1. BCP56 has a complement so there's no reason to do this.
  2. Ran out of spares but there should be plenty of substitutes, BCP56 should work and mouser has hundreds of thousands in stock. Did you check Mouser? https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Phoenix-Contact/5452258?qs=%2Fha2pyFaduhOh6w07UJSvZXaAYETWGY9mxlNZpKiRtk%3D
  3. Wow that's really trippy. Looks thicker to me ?
  4. Kerry's panel looks about twice as thick, see the one counterbored hole he didn't put the bolt in. Kerry, did you put a slot in on the other side for the PCB to fit through, or something? John's design looks good, too.
  5. The panel is a lot more flexible in the middle than the corners, and the jacks are the only thing holding the PCB in place, which is pretty heavy with heatsinks. Just something to consider.
  6. Not sure it's a good idea to countersink such thin panels (IIRC 0.09"?). I assume the panels have to be that thickness to fit the jacks?
  7. JR "Hennything's possible" Smith As much as it pains me to say, Cavs should've won this one... Lebron almost beat four all stars, a fingernail in his eye, Hennything and Jordan Brickson, and some questionable officiating all by himself.
  8. Probably going with architectural asphalt shingles, unless you think it's not a good idea. Do you recommend T style drip edge flashing over the standard ones? There's actually no gutter system, currently, though potentially I could put one in also.
  9. Any recommendations on nailers and compressors for reroofing? My parents have needed a reroof going on three years now so it's long overdue, figured I might as well do it myself since it doesn't seem too hard (as long as I don't fall off). Also, is it worth it to apply a sealant/coating? If so, what kind?
  10. Thanks, guys! And the shuffle off this mortal coil starts from birth so I would call the downhill momentum linearly cumulative.
  11. Here's some more SNS material! One of the best with which to ponder existence.
  12. Going to buzz off all my hair now, thanks!
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