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  1. scrypt

    postjack welcomes new headcase members thread

    No offense taken, Distal Caulk (cunt that autocorrect -- Dust Me, Cank (hell's bells -- it happened again!)!)! I hadn't even posted once before kvetching all o'er this thread. If there's a woeful lack o' commitment here, it's all mine. Which remands me: Thanks for the stovetop-ready greet! (Then he paused to gape at the fearsome phalanx of imbibers in that gif. . . .)
  2. scrypt

    postjack welcomes new headcase members thread

    Perhaps I should feel keister-wounded at not being welcomed here. Then again, I joined you secretly at 3:00 a.m. on November 2, 1709, and not everyone leers at the blackness of their screen through night vision goggles. Or to put it another way, hey!