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  • Birthday 02/25/1974

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    Male, Mexican, married
  • Location
    Cuernavaca, Mexico
  • Interests
    Reading, photography, science, music
  • Occupation
    Datawarehouse project manager
  • Hobbies
    chess, computer programming, DIY electronics, playing blues-rock electric guitar
  • Headphones
    AKG K701, Sennheiser HD-600, Grado SR-225, Grado SR-80i, Denon AH-D1001K, Koss PortaPro, Koss KSC75, Koss KSC35
  • Headphone Amps
    Woo Audio WA-6 with PDPS upgrade, Millett Hybrid MiniMAX (Beezar.com kit), HeadRoom Total BitHead, DIY Millett "Starving Student" point-to-point build 17EW8 tubes, DIY Millett "Starving Student" beezar.com PCB build, DIY PIMETA v1 (OPA2134, BUF634)(SOLD), DIY CMoy based with Meier natural crossfeed (OPA2227P) (SOLD), Biosciencegeek Cmoy (SOLD)
  • Sources
    Project Debut III turntable, Onkyo DV-SP506 SACD/DVD-A/CD/DVD player, Apple iPod Video 80GB running RockBox, Sandisk Sansa e260 v1 running RockBox, Sony Portable CD Player, HP dv4 laptop, HP Slimline desktop
  • Other Audio Gear
    Bell 3030 integrated tube amplifier, Margules 'Magenta' ADE-24 Analog/Digital Enhancer, Margules 'Magenta' SA-1 bookshelf speakers

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  1. Rodrigo y Gabriela - Rodrigo y Gabriela Yngwie J. Malmsteem - Rising Force Sonic Youth - Dirty Simple Minds - Glittering Prize Richard Wright - Broken China
  2. My mom's original vinyl edition of "Let It Be"
  3. You are welcome sir. Hope to correspond at some stage Kindest Regards Mark

  4. Thanks for the welcome, indeed. I've definitely been enjoying my visits to the site. See you around !

  5. Hi StratCat, A warmest of welcomes to this site and genuinely hope you enjoy visiting. All the best to you:)

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