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  1. I keep hearing how Daredevil is really good. Chelsea Peretti has a pretty good Netflix stand up special. Nick Offerman's is ok. Also the UK Office and Louie.
  2. deepak

    Top Gear

    Bring back Jason Dawe. He was a practical man that told us what to look out for in a 20 year old used Fiat.
  3. I have a normal bias Sigma with one side not working. I'm not sure if it's a driver or wiring issue, TBH I don't care to find out. I imagine the straight swap SR-Lambda -> Sigma isn't too difficult. The SR-303 driver and cable swap looked like too much of a pain. If anyone is interested send me a PM or email.
  4. I'm a bit surprised how so many headphones just sound tonally dead compared to the ESL63.... actually I don't think I've owned a single headphone that could match them. None of them can match their bass or treble on acoustic instruments or vocals, and it's not even remotely close. I never tended to notice it until I started to pretty much just listen to the ESLs. In constant heavy rotation has been Annie Fischer's Beethoven piano sonatas, if the Quads just had some more lower fundamental richness it would probably sound damn close to that Bosendorfer. If I can get my TAD CD and whatever lower mid (Altec/TAD/Supravox) to match the tone of the mid and bass of the 63 I will be pretty damn happy. I may even have to get a 57 for reference comparison
  5. deepak

    Top Gear

    These posts reminded me of old school Head-Case Probably because I haven't talked to you in ages. Or something not, I have been enjoying da beers, that could be it
  6. deepak

    Top Gear

    same article that I linked I agree with the author's conclusion that for how god damn awesome their cars are (IMHO LaFerrari has the most interesting electric/gas implementation) they really don't need to be doing that stuff.
  7. deepak

    Top Gear

    Sort of pathetic that Ferrari would ban a paying customer from ever buying another LE Ferrari for letting someone use a car the way it was intended. I thought it was usual Top Gear nonsense, like how Corvette comes out with a new car "every few years" (four Vettes in my life time) Turns out it isn't shenanigans, doing some searching I guess this isn't too surprising from the former Yankees of F1.
  8. One of my friends from high school bought an HD580 and either Mete42 or Pimeta. When he told me how much the amp/hp cost I thought he was genuinely crazy. But he also had a Saab 93 Viggen as a senior so I chalked it up to him being nuts/rich. Driving his car was a hell of a lot better than what that setup sounded like with my teenage angst music. RIP Saab To expand one of his friends told me to get Grados. There was a hifi store in the Manchester mall (maybe Nate/Todd knew it? Cambridge Soundworks possibly? I think this was before the mall had a Best Buy) that let me demo them. I didn't think they sounded amazing either, but for $60 or something I bought them and eventually really liked them. Sort of interesting that he pretty much got me into enjoying driving and hifi. Two damn expensive hobbies. Latest purchase was the most expensive one I've made yet; TD4001 drivers....
  9. It looks like an interesting DAC (output taken directly off the R2R for single ended), I've been following it for a while. There is an issue with the current firmware (this should be updated according to Soren)- there is DC surge when switching sampling rates and two people have fried their speaker drivers. So be sure to manually mute before you do that.
  10. Any suggestions to reduce eye strain with the ipad a2, like a program similar to f.lux (I don't want to jail break to use that)? Dimming the screen helps, but a program that warms the display color would be nice. It's quite convenient to read articles on, so I've been using it a lot these days.
  11. Does anyone know a source for teflon terminal strips that have through hole pins? Thanks
  12. http://www.000webhost.com/ Free, they don't ask for any personal information and no ads. I have used them for a couple of years to create a site with info I need to check occasionally.
  13. The key is to get a full set of the sooper expansive (your soundstage will thank you) Still Points. Ya know the ones that cost as much as a Nissan.
  14. Jack have you heard them or is "They rock out well, meaning nice midbass thump, at the expense of refinement and resolution" from a reviewer? IMO I would have a hard time with Klipsch weird frequency deviations after having ESL63 so long.
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