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    Koss ESP/950 electrostat thread

    so after reading, joining and ignoring the swearing" I came to conclusions that I will go for a set of koss esp 950 electrostatic headphones. as I can get them new for 500.00 next will be the stax cover and stand and there cable for the top headphones they do to rewire. realising after being tired that we are looking at positive/negative x2 each plus 2 earths joint hence 5 pins. if its a six pin then all six cables are separate. as for the inside of the earspeakers once brought and run in for 500 hours, I will know the real sound and based on this I will see if I need to upgrade some of the parts as in membranes to better performance. if I do I would use parts from the omega range. yes if we spend a grand stax are the best simple but at the price I am getting the koss for and a little effort I believe these are hard to beat. driver heads are a different sound so its all personal choice. I think the last thing to mention would actually be my question within this link. once rewired then which energizer can these phones be used with in the stax range? I have also one more thing I may do and go for ariston silver headphone cables just released, as I intend to keep my units for good. so any positive thoughts on the energiser unit to run them let me know Jesus bless you all raju ps: I have made a word document with every single bit of info I have come across on the subject of making the koss esp950 if you would like a copy email me on this thread with the email i can send you the doc to for free I don't mind.