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  1. ManBeard

    Schiit Jotunheim

    Thanks for doing this and posting about it. The hype train is strong with Schiit and its hard to get factual information in regards to the design / quality of their products. What's the overall consensus on their other products like the Yggy and Ragnorak? I see Kevin mentions the magni 2 uber as being 'better' but that doesn't sound like much of a compliment compared to the Jotunheim...
  2. ManBeard

    Group Buy for KG's Boards (2nd)

    Thanks for doing this Lil Knight. Updated the spreadsheet with what I want.
  3. ManBeard

    KGSSHV, Balanced Dynahi Rev A and DynaFET board run

    Please count me in for 1 set of the onboard heatsink KGSSHV and also 1 set of the external heatsink. Thanks for doing this.
  4. ManBeard

    USB -> SPDIF 24/96+ units

    I've never experienced any static with either the normal Hiface or the Evo. Nor did I have any of the driver issues that guy had with Win 7 64. I wasn't too impressed with the normal Hiface. It didn't sound much different from the USB input on an old el-cheapo DAC that I had. The Evo on the other hand was a noticeable improvement over the Hiface. Overall I'm happy with the Evo. It does what I need it to do and seems to do it well.