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  1.     Hmmm Balanced foot warmers. I suppose I could always use a pot for the bias.... Then I'll have temp control... next stage ... remote control for temp control... Who said DIY is excessive?
  2. Oh woow KGSSHV I'm going to have to join in on this Maybe the KSA5 too, I liked the KSA50, so the KSA5 could be interesting, besides it could always sit under the pc's desk to keep my feet warm in winter
  3. I like to keep it straight and simple...... just like me I havn't wired up the rca's yet. I'll probably make perf-board with relays to switch between the two. It can sit between the two inputs on the back panel.... I'm using it balanced from a B3 Also Just updated to a larger pic in that post (I was surprised I could modify it) The better pic should show where I drilled holes in the pcb under the heatsinks.. I used flouro yellow nail varnish on the pcb holes for insulation.. And before anyone asks if the color of the nail varnish matters to the sound? I have no comment:)
  4. Ok It's running, still need to tidy cable runs, but does sound good.
  5. No problem.. I'll take some when the sun is out in the morning.
  6. Thanks spritzer I have the kgss running now, put the esp950 on and was listening, very nice, 3 albums later I think it's time to do some tidying up. Time flies while listening to electrostatics.
  7. Thanks spritzer I have the larger heatsinks with the trannies pasted to them, temps hovering around 60 Degree C heatsinks are anodized so thats the insolation.... Adjusting balance and offset varies a few volt either way, might look at the led volts. When adjusting the balance and offset, gather it's done with nothing connected, into or output, not even the input volume pot? Also, I have 2 balanced stepped attenuators, one 50K the other 10K, does it matter with input resistance? When using SE input, is the - input(unused) grounded or left floating?
  8. but then the heatsinks would be live. Voltage is a bit high to have live heatsinks.
  9. But on the build at the start it recommends the 50 mm ones. I'll try the 63.5 mm one's too.. And maybe perforate the pcb, while have the heatsinks off, and use mica and goop
  10. Might get the taller ones.. AAVID THERMALLOY - 530002B02500G - HEAT SINK HEAT SINK Packages Cooled: TO-220 Thermal Resistance: 2.6°C/W External Height - Imperial: 2.5" External Height - Metric: 63.5mm External Width - Imperial: 1.65" External Width - Metric: 41.91mm External Length - Imperial: 1" Same dimensions just taller
  11. I already have the nylon spacers under the heatsinks
  12. Hi I'm using sil pads at present, was thinking of mica and goop. Still, it does seem a bit hot,,,, The devices will be even hotter. Does the offset/balance vary much while it's getting up to temp? Allan Just a thought I could drill same vent holes just under the heatsinks
  13. Since you're back onto the KGSS, I do have a question if I may. I've just put together a KGSS using Justin's pcb's, (I think they were his last from a while ago). How hot do the 50 mm heatsinks, on the amp pcb, normally get? I'm measuring 62 to 70 degree C after a approx 30 min's warm up. PSU sits at 361 and 362 +/- vdc, and the +/- 15 vdc are stable and ok. Offset and balance vary a fair bit on warm up, approx 20 to 30 Volts Just seems too hot and maybe the offset/balance shows something is not quiet right, The psu heatsinks run at approx 40 Deg C Boards not cased yet, in open test rig. Allan
  14. Sorry Gentlemen, for this to be my first post here But if someone's getting teflon Stax jacks made... I'm in for a few.
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